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As a follow up to our work in class on Writing a CV, I suggest your having a look at this very interesting website

Also, as we saw in class, there is not just one correct approach to presenting information in a CV. On this website they give more detail on each of the following styles:

Chronological CV

“The chronological CV is named thus as it details your career history most commonly in reverse chronological order with the most recent employment detailed first and working backwards. A complete record of career history is detailed along with a complete education record. It is the most frequently used CV and is usually 2 sides of A4 in length.”

Combination CV

“The combination CV format is normally used by job hunters who have a solid background associated with their career objectives . You will include sections that highlight your education and experience, followed by the job history. Use the combination CV when you have a definite career path and a targeted job area that is related to your job history and experience. This type of CV combines the best of the functional and the chronological CV styles. You can also use it when each position or job had unique responsibilities and when a shorter type of CV would not suffice. List responsibilities, and or accomplishments and skills developed after each job experience or training listing. Stay focused; use less rather than more words. Begin each sentence or idea with a verb, for instance, Awarded, Assisted etc.”

Functional CV

“The Functional CV is usually two pages in length and covers your entire career history. Unlike the most common chronological CV it focuses, not on your career history, but on your skills, abilities and expertise. It may not even refer to a specific industry, as the skills detailed are deemed transferable”

Inventory CV

“The Inventory CV is used when sending your CV to:

  • Various recruiters
  • When you do not have a specific job objective

This kind of CV is a more general overview of your skills, achievements and qualifications. A general objective or career strategy behind an inventory CV helps in being slightly more specific towards your career goals.”

Targeted CV

“This kind of CV is a way to focus your career towards a particular objective, within a specific industry or a specific company.

A targeted CV is written in a way that highlights skills, qualifications and experience that match the requirements of the advertised position. Writing a targeted CV is effective when:

  • You know the requirements of a particular position
  • You know which company you will be sending your CV to
  • You are sending your CV in reply to a specific job advertisement
  • You need to compose different CVs each corresponding to a different career objective”

To find out more about these styles or about formatting your CV for best results go to cvtips website

To learn more about CV writing have a look at this online book


Write your CV and publish it in the blog (you can invent one if you want). Also read and make comments about your partners’ CVs.



  1. Help me! I can`t upload my CV, there is no option to write a note or something like that. I’ve tried everything. At top I only have the option “About”, I’m sending my CV by e-mail in order to have an initial CV before the class of tuesday, and I’m preparing the enhancing CV, but I’m not sure to be able to upload in the blog.
    Can we see it on thursday? Thank you.
    Rebeca (the woman lost in her PC)

  2. I have sent you an email. Hopefully you can now manage. If you can’t, don’t worry, we’ll sort it out on Thursday.

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