Posted by: ceamcar | 23 November, 2008

One of the multiple ways of practising listening

As we all know, it’s very boring to follow a series on TV. For example, when you have just watched the first season, the channel cuts the transmission. Or worse, you can watch the second season… but at 02.00 am (Who is awake at that time?? That occurred to me when I was watching “X-files” as a child. Suddenly, they decided to continue it at that time on Channel 5. From that moment on, I couldn’t follow it properly!)

Besides, while watching it, you have to put up with those advertisements which seem that will never end… At least, nowadays they tell you how long the ads last, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes… but the most unbearable one is the cut which is done at 23.45, when the episode is about to finish and you have to wait  for 15 minutes! And later, they only show you one scene and the credits.

Some years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of the Internet and I learnt how to watch films, series and so on.

The best thing is that you can watch things that never arrive to Spain and are really worth. (I am actually watching a series that is called The Big Bang Theory, which is broadcasted on Mondays at 22.00 in USA, and I download every new episode on Tuesday , after our classes). Both in the United Kingdom and USA, there are fantastic series to watch (films, as we have in the cinemas, they arrive here almost all).

You have many ways of downloading, direct or indirectly:

  1. Indirectly: Through P2P programs like Emule, Edonkey, Bittorrent, Ares, Pando… (It’s good, but you have to install the program. Personally, I prefer this other way)
  2. Directly:
    1. Through online web pages: There are many:, (really good for films), (extremely good for series, you have almost everything that has aired on TV),,… The disadvantage is that you have to watch them on your PC or desktop. Well, you can move the PC to your living room, but it isn’t the same as watching it on the television, is it?
    1. Through direct downloads: This is a fantastic way of downloading. It is like having a program to download, but without having it. The best web page is: (don’t get confused by its name!). Here, if you go to Index, you can choose from films, series, games, documentaries… If you select series, there appears a large list of titles . You select one and now you can download things. It depends on the series; the links of the episodes send you to one of these three pages: Megaupload, Rapidshare or Gigasize. They are domains (like huge hard-disks to save films, songs, games, e-books). So, a web page of one of these three opens and you can download your episode/film from here. They will ask you to enter a code that appears in a little image, you wait for 45 seconds and you can save the episode on your computer. As simple as that! If you need help, you can give me a shout.

Apart from this, I wanted to recommend you a TV series:

You can watch it here or here.

Weeds centres on widowed suburban mom Nancy Botwin, who resorts to selling marijuana to support her family. It appears that everyone secretly wants what she’s selling, including a city councilman, but Botwin must keep her enterprise under wraps, particularly from her best friend/PTA president Celia Hodes. It is a criticism to these people: people who are supposed to be correct, who are rich and don’t have any problem…who live in a luxurious residential zone, with semi-detached houses… And this is also what the Weeds  song criticises. It´s a song by Malvina Reynolds and it is: “Little Boxes”. It’s very funny, I recommend you to listening to it:

I have seen the first two seasons in English with subtitles and the 3rd and 4th without them. At first it was hard, but it is a good way of practising English, above all,  to practise listening and learn slang.



  1. Great post! I like to see how different people study English; if you can find anything with subtitles that can also help since it ensures comprehension. I liked to see your ideas and suggestions for downloading too… I got some good ideas! thanks a lot!

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