Posted by: migbelda | 25 November, 2008


Hi there.

Last week I watched several movies which I would like to comment about. They are Juno and Hard Candy.


The story is about a 16-year old girl named Juno who gets pregnant accidentally, and decides to give it in adoption. She searches for the perfect couple for her unborn son on the internet, and she seems to have found it.  The woman is looking forward to having a baby since they got married, and the husband is a music-composer who gets on very well with Juno, because they have common interests as horror movies and music.

The couple offers Juno an open adoption, which means that she could visit the baby in the future, but she refuses it, she is just a teenager and this was a mistake. Her pregnancy makes Juno appreciate her family more, and finally she finds love.

I think it is an entertaining and funny movie. However, I find American accent a bit hard.

Director: Jason Reitman

Genre: Comedy-Drama
Won Oscar. Another 44 prizes & 33 nominations
The other movie  I watched by the same actress (Ellen Page) is HARD CANDY

This one has nothing to do with the first one. I have to say that is a strong and shocking story of a teenager again, who chats with a photographer in his thirties for three weeks.

They arrange a meeting and he starts flirting with her, who is just 14 years old. Nevertheless,  she is not as innocent as could be assumed for a girl her age.

She suspects that he is a pedophile and she has planned to make something to  him that will stop his longing for meeting young girls.

I think it is very useful for the listening because there is a dialogue between the two main characters during the wholde movie.



  1. I consider that Ellen Page is a great actress. She always plays fantastic roles in her films. In the first one, Juno (or Junito, as her family calls her) is a positive and sensible person. This makes the movie very funny. If you like comedies, I recommend you to watch “Little Miss Sunshine” in O.V. (It´s the best comedy I have seen for ages!)
    Regarding Hard Candy, it´s a good psichological thriller. As Miguel says, it´s very shocking. If you liked, don´t forget to see: “Time crimes” by Nacho Vigalondo and “Killing Words” by Laura Mañá. I love low-budget films like these. They have “something” called art and grace, that blockbusters haven´t. Thanks to them, the cinema is considered The Seventh Art.

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