Posted by: marisadedios | 27 November, 2008


With this post we start a new section, guess the word. Everyweek I’ll post an image or a definition and you have to try to be the first to write a comment giving  the word or expression, OK?

Here goes the first one:

TIP: the word you want does not begin with “P


Would you like to dare your partners? post an image or a definition in this section!



  1. If you hadn´t tell us that it does not begin with “p”, I would have stick my neck out for it and I would have said that it was a projector for slides. But obviously it isn´t. I wonder if it´s some kind of video detector, I mean, a detector system you put at home (in this case in a countryhouse, or in a school, a bank… a big place) to prevent from robberies, thefts, burglaries … like a videocamera for this purpose… Well, I am going off the point. I haven´t the slightlest idea!

  2. There is no doubt about what the object is, but not many people know the correct name for it.

  3. Maybe, overhead projector???

  4. This riddle is getting me mad! Could it be video projector? A video projector takes a video signal and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system.

  5. Is it a DLP? (A digital light processing projector?)

  6. Ok, I think it can be called digital light processor, but people, at least in Britain, usually call it ………….

  7. Beamer???

    You’ve got a merit point!. Remember, when you collect 10 you’ll get a prize.

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