Posted by: migbelda | 27 November, 2008

Dinner next Thursday 4th of December

Hi everybody:

Today we have commented in class about going out for dinner next week, on Thursday the 4th of December. As I´ve been assigned to find a place, I would like to ask you if you have any preferences or dislikes. Carmina told me she finishes at 9:00 in el Carmen area, so I´ve thought we could make it nearby.  I know a  pretty good vegetarian restaurant , so I think this can be an option. However, if anyone prefers something more typical or doesn´t like veggie food please let me know to book in another place.

I need to know how many of us will come, just book for an approximate number of people, so please reply to this post to confirm, because there is no class next Tuesday. I think 9:30 could be a good time. How do you feel about this?





  1. Is it possible to have the dinner on Friday, the 5th of December? On thursdays, I arrive home at 21.30 and the following day I have to wake up very early.

  2. Hi Miguel,

    I’ll go to the dinner on Thursday. I like vegetarian food, so I don’t mind going to a veggie restaurant. 9:30 h is OK.



  3. I didn´t remember that this vegetarian restaurant is quite small, so depending on the number of people who comes we can go to that place or another. I know another tapas’ bar in Calle Caballeros not too expensive and with good food… Cecilia, I´m afraid some people could´t do it for Friday because they´re leaving for the weekend…

  4. Ok, don´t worry for the day. The problem is that I have to wake up very early (and I can´t miss this), but I could go if don´t go to my last class on Thursday. I feel like going a lot! We´ll talk on Thursday to fix the place. Count on me!

  5. I won’t miss it. I am looking forward to it. Miguel, is it the Tastaolletes restaurant that you were thinking of? I like it.
    Cecilia, we’ll send you to bed early (or we’ll walk you to wherever you have to go early in the morning!!)

  6. Yes, that´s the one I´ve thought, but as I said above it might be too small, so I´ve thought as well in La tapeta in Calle Caballeros. We´ll see how many of us will attend, and we can decide…

  7. Ok. I’m not sure they take bookings, though.
    We’ll see.

  8. Well, I think that you won´t feel like to walk me to a 4-hour practical class of economics!! It´s so boring… and the fact that it´s at 08.30 on Fridays doesn´t help anything… I know a tapas restaurant in El Carmen. It´s name is Entrepans or something like that. It has superb sandwiches, but I can´t remember where it was. Do you know it??

  9. Count on me too!! And, Cecilia, don’t worry. We’ll have breakfast with you before your class!

  10. Actually, they don´t take bookings in tastaolletes but la tapeta either. However, I can go at 9:00 (opening time) on Thursday to la tapeta and tell them we´ll be some people to have dinner, and if we are there by 9:30 the latest shouldn´t be any problem. Anyway, there in only 5 of us who has confirmed, so we can wait a little bit more

  11. Hi Miguel! Count with me too! See you this this thursday for to know details. I don’t mind the place to dinner because I like all food, but I’d like too much to know the vegetarian restaurant. The unic problem is that I have to work the friday but I can do the siesta.

  12. Hi MIguel, I’d like to go but I can’t. I have to work until 10 pm so it is imposible to me arrive in time. well, Enjoy the dinner, I think it is a good idea go out for dinner.

  13. Hi everybody,

    I will try hard to go to the dinner. Please Miguel book table for me.

    See all of you on thursday morning to clarify this matter.

    Best wishes,

    E. Tasa

  14. Hey Teresa, maybe you’d like to join us after work. I’m sure you would make it for the dessert.

  15. hi everybody!

    if you know to count, please count with me…
    I dont mind the type of food, of course vegetarian is pefect…Miguel… I look forward to meet together and talk to each other while we drink some beers in a pub listening good music!!………

    see you tomorrow

  16. Hello all of you,

    It was a enormous pleasure for me to have dinner with all of you yesterday. We shared a little bit of our lifes talking about ourshelves.

    Happy weekend,

    Enjoy your “tired” Friday,

    E. Tasa

  17. Sorry but I forgot a “n” in my previous text (aN enormous).
    My english grammar Marisa, my grammar (be patient).

    Again, sorry about that.

    Best wishes and enjoy life.

    E. Tasa

  18. Yes, it was really good fun!! I woke up with hangover and it was 1 pm, so I don´t want to think about the rest of you who had to wake up earlier…
    Anyway, we´ll have to repeat it again.

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Well, I woke up at 10 am, and you can imagine… Now, I still feel sick!!! But, yes, we have to repeat it.
    Enjoy yourselves!!!

  20. Well I woke up really late too and I am knackered today but happy because I had a smashing time with you last night.
    I just feel sorry for those who had to get up early and work today.
    THank you for a lovely evening.

  21. Ohhh I´m green with envy!!!! So, what did you do after the dinner? I guess that you drank a lot!!!! I wanted too.. but thank goodness today I was fresh because my “practical exam” has been worst than I imagined…
    We should pay attention to Fernando and do another dinner when the term ends, at the end of January! It was really grateful, thank you also 4 a lovely evening!

  22. oana, could you please resend the photographies about the dinner? I can´t see them properly. And raquel neither.

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