Posted by: edelval | 27 November, 2008



As you probably know, in the English classroom there are several leaks and ugly stains on the cealing.
We are trying to solve this situation. The main problem is that unless a  solution is given quickly, the electrical
supply would be damaged and the classes would have to be cancelled.

It is in everybody’s interest that this situation finishes to continue with normal classes and to avoid student damage. This is the reason why I am asking for an inmediately solution.
Thank you for your cooperation.


To: Management
From: Student representative
Date: 24/11/08
Subject: Access to Computers

The school needs greater access to computers to keep up to date with the new technologies and to meet the new needs of our students.

My proposal is to hold a meeting on 9 December in the Assembly Hall.

Attendees will discuss a new plan to facilitate the access to computers and give their opinions to improve it.
In particular, we are anxious to discuss the following questions:

* Current situation and problems
* Present an initial proposal
* Suggestions

We have prepared a questionnaire to be distributed at the meeting. Our aim is to collect new ideas.
Hopefully, we will receive input from everyone.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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