Posted by: ceamcar | 10 December, 2008

My product: Palm leaf disposable plates

Disposable plates are usually made of plastic or cardboard.

Making them of plastic is a drawback, because it is a non-biodegradable material. Although  cardboard can be recycled, you have to cut down trees to get wood and turn it into paper or cardboard.

Therefore we have created different and exclusive plates.  No trees are cut down. The material is from palm leaves collected from the forest ground, so the source is renewable (and of course, biodegradable).

They are disposable, so they are far more convenient than duralex glass plates for parties, picnics and so on. But being disposable doesn’t mean  poor quality. They resist all kind of liquids and grass, they are really tough.

Moreover, our range varies from plates to a complete palm leaf elegant tableware and cutlery.

The profit margin is high because the manufactoring costs are low and they are produced in big quantities, since sales keep increasing.

I almost forgot! They are microwave and oven proof, so with these plates everything is an advantage!


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