Posted by: ooaannaa20 | 15 December, 2008

after our dinner

I´ll send the pics again! Just want to say I also had a great time with you all and we definitely should repeat the experience! As regards the trip to Romania, I have already thought about some nice places, the only problem is to find suitable period for all of us (March or April). See ya all in class!




  1. What about on Fallas, as the people who is organizing the London trip?
    Personally speaking, I´m fed up with doing always the same on Fallas… I´m tired of Fallas! Or the weekend before, (Saturday 14th?)

  2. Fallas or the weekend that Cecilia says would be ok.
    I also propose 1, 2 and 3 of May or at Easter.
    But I think that we have to decide as soos as possible (to book everything).

  3. I haven´t thought about that long weekend, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May. It´s a good proposal, I think that better than the week before Fallas, because on May we haven´t got any holiday and it´s a way of leaving the monotony behind.

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