Posted by: marisadedios | 4 February, 2009


Some of you might be interested in taking the BEC exams, as we discussed in class.   You can find more about it by clicking on BEC in “Categorías”

Exam Dates,  registration dates and prices are as follows:

CERTIFICATE                         EXAM DATE        REGISTRATION      PRICE

BEC Preliminary 3 Junio 16 – 20 Feb 97
BEC Vantage 4 Junio 16 – 20 Feb 173
BEC Higher 2 Junio 16 – 20 Feb 184

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  1. I have eventually decided to take the BEC Higher test. I will register on 20 February. Now, I have to convince Rebeca, María and Raquel to join me. I´ve decide so because I feel that at the moment, I have learnt enough business english to take it. I think that it´s an adequate moment for me: I have “fresh” things in my mind.
    Moreover, I have a card of the library of the british council, so I can take books and material out to study for me and of course, for all the candidates.

  2. Hello Cecilia

    what kind of card are you talking about??
    is it a free card? or do you have to enrol at any british council´s course to get it?


  3. No, it isn´t a free card…. You know, free and British Council don´t match together…

    I have one card and I can take books out from the library for you if you want. I have books at home plenty of bec higher exams. If anyone wants to fotocopy them I can lend you mines.

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