Posted by: agustinjarqueperez | 6 February, 2009

only a question?

Have you ever heard anybody saying how awful the UK is? may be you have heard somebody talking about that horrible food, or the rainy weather. I have even heard a joke that says that the Uk is so cloudy, because there are too many “Flying motherfuckers”.

I have a family there,the  Bennets, and Im their third son, the Spanish one, like Russell Crowd in Gladiator. This  is the reason why I don’t like to listen to those opinions. I’m used to flying back a lot, because I always find a nice bed and a wonderfull hug awaiting  me.

In the plane, the ryan air ones, you can listen everything, from all kind of people, of course they are not open minded, but some have culture enough to understand a clever opinion. So, when I  hear those things, I i think…who  invited you to come to a place you don’t like?

Everybody thinks London is a wonderful place. THerefore, when a long weekend comes, like say 6 December, bank holidays in Spain, people get a ryan air ticket  and suddenly they are walking along Regents street. Wow! London atmophere invites tourists to think they are in “Port Aventura”. Shopping, a Pint in a pub, walking around the big avenues…But, there are more things to London than the buildings, the shops and the avenues.

Do you know any native English speaking person? I know is not easy to find any Londoners in the city area, but there are. Sometimes Spanish people only know a small piece of the cake. The people, the culture,the food , the weather…is the best thing they have.

There is an English adage that says: ” When you get bored of London, you get bored of the world”…Sometimes I get bored of the city, I have seen all the museums, having walked around them  since I was 13, but I will never be bored of the people!  Finito.

Maybe, there are more too many questions for you,sorry! This is the first time I have writtne in the blog. I could just have told  you: nice to meet you,good luck,take care! But may be a particular opinion about some Spanish behaviour is not a bad idea.




  1. Lots of questions indeed Agustín. Very interesting to read about your family in UK. I understand they live in London then?.
    I sometimes find it difficult to convince Spaniards that it is possible to have wonderful meals in Britain. London has really good restaurants now, and more affordable now that the pound has gone down.
    However, it is similar the other way round too. I mean, some Britons have the wrong idea about our country too, or not exactly wrong, but based on cliches don’t you think?

  2. Hello!
    First of all, I’ve never been to London, so I can`t talk about the country or the food, the weather… But I`m going to explain a situation this morning happened to me with two England clients.
    It was the first time we met, just getting their home, they offered us, my colleague and me, coffee, water, something to drink…
    After that, I have noticed that they were speaking slowly, in order to make themselves understand (thing that doesn`t happen in some areas in our own country).
    Then, as the technician was working on the task and I was stood, they have invited me to sit and both of them have started a conversation with me (both were being too polite, even friendly).
    Of course we have been very polite too, taking into account everything we’ve learnt, because the politeness is not only for english people.
    But it is a fact, that we are different in culture from them. I’ve suggested them to pass here the next Fallas, because tomorrow they are leaving to England, and one of them has told me that it was too noisy for him, too much people…, they have passed one three years ago and no more.
    Another thing that they have explained to me is that in some cases the traduction spanish do for menus in restaurants is awful, commenting that 5 five years ago, when they arrived here, there was not too much people speaking english, but that nowadays it has changed. In that moment I’ve remembered that sheet we read in class, do you remember? I think Almudena brought it.
    In conclusion: they have been polite, honest, friendly and funny (some jokes were told by them)
    Waiting this point of view given worth it, see you in class.

  3. Hi there!

    First of all, I have to agree with you Joaquin that is a very extended attitude against the British weather, the food, etc…
    It happened to me while I was living in London, but in that case the people complaining about all the English stuff where my French co-workers. And the question of the English ones was the same as you launched : if you don’t like this place, what are you doing here??

    I think it’s good that you claim for a more open-minded point of view, and the most important think is to respect the rest of the people, because somebody can feel a bit annoyed, as it happened to you when listening to some conversations.
    Besides this, it’s true, it’s really hard to meet Londoners in London, but for my experience, the English people I worked with were really friendly and nice, so it’s necessary to forget the cliches, even though is difficult sometimes

    See you!

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