Posted by: analaz | 10 February, 2009


Hi Everybody  four months in class and that  it’s my first post,  Marisa  it’s a miracle JaJa

I saw on Monday this video about the Strike in England, it’s amazing how the global crisis can change a country

What do you think about it?



  1. Congratulations Ana, better late than never. But I don’t think this is your first post, didn’t you post your CV?
    As for the content of the video it makes me sad to see Britons’ attitude toward foreigners. I think they have traditionally been a very open welcoming society. I wouldn’t like this to be the beginning of an anti-foreigner movement.
    It must be hard, however, to be unemployed and to see that a company brings workers from another country. The reason is obvious to me, they pay these foreigners much less than they would have to pay a British worker.

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