Posted by: migbelda | 11 February, 2009

Greetings from Australia!!!

Hi there mates!!!

How is it going? I am enjoying Australia so far, despite the looong journey to come to our Anthipodes, but as me and my sister spent 12 hours at the Bangkok airport, it made it easier for us to get used to the change of timetables.

The first 2 days the weather was hot, so we had our first bath in the Pacific Ocean, and we visited the city we’re living in : Newcastle, which is located in the Northeast of Sydney. Yesterday we went to a natural reserve and we had the chance to see the first Kangaroos and Koalas!! It was exciting, specially the koalas, which are really nice…

Today it was colder and with showers, and we’ve been walking around Sydney’ harbour, which is impressive with the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor ‘bridge, besides all the skyscrapers. I really like this city, because it integrates the old buildings with the new ones, and there are a lot of trees around the city. Anyway, we’ll come back another day to visit it.

I am looking forward to go towards the northeast part of the country, the state of Queensland. We’re planning to take a bus and hop on and off at every place we want to visit, with the final destination of the Great Bareer Reef, I can’t wait to get there!!!

We’re checking the weather’ forecasts because there have been floods in this area. Besides this, the terrible fires  are destroying thousands of hectares in the south of the country; they say it is the worst destruction that has ever happened in Australia and even the world, so you can imagine the situation…

I hope all of you are ok and I’ll write some lines to you to tell you how my trip  is  going

All the best


P.S. : The Australian’ accent is horrible!!



  1. Hiya Oozie!
    How nice to hear from you!. What a pity to hear about the situation in Australia just now. I thought of you the other day when I heard the news.
    I feel envious, though. What a wonderful experience you are living. Hope you can manage to upload a picture next time. If you can’t, send it to me by email and I’ll post it.
    Enjoy your trip

  2. Hi Miguel!
    What a great surprise reading for good news from you! I supose that everyone hearing about Australia’s disaster (not only for the fire, but because of the rains too) had you in mind.
    And, as well as Marisa, I feel a large envy from you; even I can imagine those places you have writen about and I assure you that I feel excited.
    Waiting for your next comments and photos…
    Huges and kisses,


  3. Hi Miguel!! It`s very nice to hear from you and know that you are having such a good time (in spite of the natural disasters). I am sure that everybody here would like to be in your shoes.
    Go on enjoying the experience, and please!!!! send a photograph of a koala!!!


  4. and of a kangaroo, and of a panda bear, and of…. many photos!!

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