Posted by: marisadedios | 15 February, 2009

Our correspondent in Australia

Miguel has sent me these pictures and his best regards for all of us. Girls, are you happy with the koalas now? My question is Miguel, that I don’t know whether to believe that you really ARE in Australia. How do we know you are not at a zoo or that you have taken the picture from flickr?

Wouldn’t you agree that we would need more evidence? What do you think girls (and boys)? Take this pic, for example, how do we know you’re not in Cuenca?

Well I hope you don’t mind my taking the mickey. I can see the kangaroo below and although you’re not in the pic, we know you’re there.

It is wonderful that you find time to keep in touch. We certainly appreciate it, don’t we?



  1. Oh! They are wonderfull pics Miguel! I feel envy because I wish once I were in Australia. Enjoy yourself a lot because it´s a great experience.

  2. Thank you very much for the koalas Miguel! and for the rest of pictures, of course. They are really beautiful.

  3. Hi Miguelon!!

    I decided to enter in the blog to try to get news about you!!! (it´s a joke Marisa, I´m used to entering in the blog every week 🙂

    I hope it will be a great experience for you and your sister, and I hope you enjoy a lot and please take a picture with a Koala to avoid misunderstandings!!!

    have really fun!!!

  4. Nice to have news from Australia. You look our press photographer!

    Enjoy a lot!

  5. Hi everybody!!

    Ok, I can understand that you can all think that this is a fake, hahaha. The explanation is that we downloaded the pictures from my sister’s camera in our friend’s computer, that’s why I’m not in any picture with a koala.
    The problem is that being only 2 of us, we make a picture of each other with the camera of each one.
    When we were in Newcastle the first week we had access to the internet daily, but since we started to travel with the bus we don’t have so much time to connect as you can imagine, but don’t worry!! As soon as I come back to Newcastle I’ll send you some pictures with a koala and maybe with a crocodile in the background, but not very near to it… Just in case!!
    I hope everything is good for you and see you in a couple of weeks

  6. Hi Miguel! How do you do?

    I hope you and your sister are having a good time there in Australia.
    I wish I were there once more….I will never forget The Opera House, Darling Harbour, The blue Mountains, Lakes at Eachen National Park, Rain forest in Cairns, Kuranda, Coral Reefs, wonderful beaches…and many other places….!

    Anyway, I just wanted to greet you and encourage you on your adventure in Australia
    If you like strong emotions do not miss the walk over the bridge in Sydney …. It is amazing.

    Take care and see you soon


  7. Hi Claudio!!!

    many thanks for your comments, I’m having a really good time so far. The same is that my trip is about to finish, but I consider myself very lucky to have seen all that I’ve seen and to be having such a great experience.


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