Posted by: aingosan | 20 February, 2009


Hello everybody,

It´s the old Ainhoa (I’ve seen on the blog that you have a new partner with the same name). Sorry not to have written before. As you can see I’m not going to class, but I haven’t  forgotten you. I’ve started on a new job, so it’s impossible for me to attend  the lessons.

I hope you are well. I’ll continue visiting the blog to have  news from all you.

Best wishes.



  1. Hi Ainhoa!
    It´s a pity that you can´t attend class, but it´s because a very good reason: a new job! so congratulations. And go on writing posts!


  2. Hi Ainhoa!
    I agree with Raquel. Although we miss you in class, I am very happy that you have a new job. I hope it is for the better.
    Keep in touch and good luck.

  3. Hello Ainhoa, I don’t know you and neither you do, but you must be a very kind person…, we share names, so we have something in common, haven’ we?…, jejejejje

    Good luck with your new job!

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