Posted by: ainhoafus | 21 February, 2009



Hello everybody!, it’s Ainhoa, your new Ainhoa…, jejejeje. I know we don’t know each other very well, but I’d like to invite you to a party next Saturday 14 th March, before Fallas. I will inform you with more details next week, but I just tell you there will be a party that date to let you know that you don’t have to have any other date that day!!!!!

It will be very funny, my friends and I are used to preparing  parties during the year, at least two or three times. Everything started 9 years ago, when we decided to make a “beach wrap party” on the beach!!!. We were just 15 people, all friends. We were dancing all night (we brought a cd player to the beach…) and we decided to make that kind of party every year. And that happened!!!, but the year after instead of being 15 people, we were 30 people (friends of friends) and everybody enjoyed a lot also. We kept making one party every summer during at least 5 years, and each summer the number of guests were increasing…, the fifth year we were 130 people on the beach (malvarrosa) wiht 2 cd players!!!!, that was crazy!!!!. The police came to tell us to stop, but fortunatly we knew one of the policemen, so they decided not to tell us anything…., that was good luck!!!!, jejejejej

But after that party we decided to look for a place where we could make a  proper party, an indoor place. And luckily we met a friend who told us to rent a “Casal”, and we did it!. We made a “hat party” and we were 300 people into the Casal, what a great experience!. There were many people who didn’t know eachother, so we made a silly game to let them introduce themselves: we wrote different well- known couples (Mickey and Minnie, for example) and when you got into the party you got a sticker with a couple name (a male name if you were a man and a female name if you were a woman). So with this game everybody was looking for its couple, because, furthermore, if you managed to find your couple, you had a price (a lollipop!!!). That was very funny!!!!

We are five friends that like making parties. We are the DJ’s, we are usually  the barmen/barmaids and we sell the drink tickets (cheap ones, don’t worry!!!). We enjoy doing this kind of things and we are always very excited preparing everything, so I hope you can join us this time!!!

I will enclose a powerpoint invitation to give you more details!. Thanks a lot!



  1. What I pity that I won’t be here! I’d love to go but we have arranged to go on holiday for that week, so I’ll miss your party. Maybe some other time.

  2. Hi Almudena and everybody!!

    Sounds really good stuff, and very funny.
    I think I’ll go to that party…
    See you in class

  3. Hi!
    I think is a good idea!
    My brithday is the 13th of March but I’ll try to celebrate it this day soas to go to the party with some friends.
    Moreover I think that first we could go to have dinner together, another class dinner, and then go to your party.
    What do you think?
    See you!

  4. Yes, I agree with Andrea. We can have a class dinner, and after that, the party. It´s a very good idea!!!

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