Posted by: raquelmart | 21 February, 2009

Report Practice: Service Provision Survey


A survey was carried out by external consultants regarding customer satisfaction about service provision at KJF leisure centre.

A representative selection of 1250 customers were interviewed to describe their reactions to the services provided. The questionnaire covered parking service and ticket cost. In addition, some questions touched on booking service and attitude of staff. Interviews were limited to 15 minutes each due to  schedule constraints.

Three main areas of concern were revealed by the individual interviews:

  • Parking and booking services  are valued positively.
  • Ticket cost is  regarded overall negatively.
  • Customers were generally satisfied with the attitude of the staff.

In conclusion, the survey results clearly show that a cheaper ticket would increase customer satisfaction.

1. Tickets should be cheaper.

2. Booking service needs to be revised.


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