Posted by: ceamcar | 23 February, 2009

Report Sample: Leisure Centre


Customer reactions to the services provided at K & K leisure centre


The aim of this report is to outline customer reactions given about service provision at K & K leisure centre. This report was requested by Dumfries Council and was to be submitted by 24  February.


This report draws on results based on a market survey carried recently. A representative selection of 1250 customers were asked feedback on service provision .


There were four main areas of concern:

  1. About the parking facilities, 700 customers responded positively, whereas 550 negatively.
  2. Regarding the ticket cost, slightly more than a quarter customers (350) were satisfied, in contrast to the 900  who were dissatisfied.
  3. The third issue asked, the booking service, had an equal division of opinions: almost 50% in each side.
  4. Looking at the attitude of staff, more than three quarters (950) of people were totally satisfied with it.


The situation should change in order to please a wider range of users.


Improvements are required in the field of  ticket costs, booking service and parking facilities.



  1. I liked so much your way of writing a report. It is concise and accurate. You express your ideas in not many words but using exactly the necessary ones.
    Congratulations Cecilia!

  2. I am afraid that there are too many words (more than 140). I wish I had been more concise, but I couldn´t!

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