Posted by: chacu | 24 February, 2009


REPORT ON: Results of survey about service provision.

DATE : 23.02.2009


A representative selection of 1250 customers were interviewed concerning their degree of satisfaction about service provision at the leisure centre.

Infomation was gathered in situ.


Three main areas of concern were revealed by customers:

1. Attitude of staff was the service better evaluated.Customers were generally satisfied with staff’s attitude.

2. Almost half of customers were not satisfied with booking service.

3. 56% of customers were satisfied with parking service but only 28% were satisfied with ticket cost, due to the ticket cost was considered very expensive.


Overall improvements need to take place in booking service and ticket cost.


It should be established a plan for taking measures to reduce ticket cost and improve booking service, moreover hold a meeting with employees informing good results of their attitude for increasing their motivation.



  1. I think this is the best report because it’s a clear one. The structure is very organized and you can see all the points with no problem. The recommendations she gives are real and concinse.

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