Posted by: migbelda | 2 March, 2009


A market survey was carried out about the different services provided at the B & k leisure centre in Kent (England).  That survey was requested by the Kent local Council,  and must be submitted by the 5th of March 2009


A selection of 1250 customers participated on the survey, which was referred to the next main points:


ticket cost

booking service

attitude of staff


The result of the survey has revealed that 700 participants had a positive view of the parking service, whereas 550 had a negative opinion. In terms of ticket cost, 350 people thought it was appropiate,  while 900 thought it was too expensive. The opinion about the booking service is more balanced, with 650 participants considering it good and 600 bad. The attitude of the staff is positively considered, with 950 customers with a good oppinion and just 300 with a negative one.


It can be seen after this survey that the ticket cost needs to be reduced, and a revision of the parking and booking service must be carried out.


It is advisable to reduce the ticket cost in order to increase customers’ satisfaction


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