Posted by: marisadedios | 3 March, 2009

promotion techniques

Have a look at this case study from the book.

How would you improve the marketing mix? What techniques would you use and what sales promotion techniques would help?

That Touch Cosmetics are well-known in Western Europe for their sensibly-priced skin care and beauty products for women. New management have ambitious objectives for growth. How can That Touch grow in what seems to be a mature market?



  1. I propose:
    1 – PROMOTION: To develop an ambicious campaign of advertisements in the rest of Europe in order to enter new foreign markets, not only Western Europe.
    2 – CUSTOMER SOLUTION: During the campaign try to get the women and men attention alluding to the beauty and care as a way of wellness and healty maturity, adding a range of body-care and hair-care products in order to seem trustly (refering to health), with the aim of bringing these products into the physiological needs.
    3 – PLACE: To introduce the sale of these products into a new specialized market (hairdresser’s shops, SPA’S, beauty lounges…)
    4 – BUNDLING – It’s a perfect product to sell during the campaign in packs (shampoo+hair conditioner; make up+eye shadows, body milk+hands cream…)

  2. I would make different kind of advertisements depending on the country we want to enter in order to promote our products with the different cultures the countries have.

    If we make it like that we can encourage people to find in Internet the advertisements we have made in other countries. This strategy would be so interesting to promote the company, but we have to make very good advertisements, very funny and with a touch of irony.

    I would like to contact with nature shops to get a contract with us if we want to have a difference in the market, because if we go to big stores that will not be a big chance to grow a lot because there will be lots of competence at the beginning, we have to be different and have a share of the market, after that we can think if it is a good idea to go to the big market.

  3. Firstly, I would implement the bundling sales promotion technique, i.e., include different products of That Touch Cosmetics in a combined package (for example, make up + lipstick, eyeshadow + eye pencil, etc.)

    Secondly, I would also implement the BOGOF (buy one get one free) technique. For instance, if you buy a makeup, you get a lipstick for free.

    And, finally I would use product placement by using That Touch Cosmetics in a TV series with a large audience. I’m sure this would attract the audience.

    I think all of this techniques would help to increase sales.

  4. If what That Touch wants is to grow in the same market they are, they should create a strong campaign to attain new target. So it would be appropiate to use an Advertising Campaign announcing its products in beauty magazines.

    At the same time they can make a promotion to let people try its products, and it would be a good idea to choose the adecuate season: for example, the company can give a small eyeshadow with any InStyle magazine sold in December (before Christmas, when it is easier to sell)

    This season is perfect as well to use another sale promotion technique: bundling. It would be effective to offer combined packs of products.

  5. I would recommend the following purposes:

    In order to introduce these products in the rest of Europe we need low prices because we are in a mature market.It can help us the customers know our products.A combination of good products – good prices.

    The place to promote these products would be in parapharmacies , hairdresser’s etc …

    Bundling technique would be perfect for the first campaign; combination of eyeshadow, lipstick ,rimmel.

    I think a campaign of viral marketing would be very interesting too.We would contract an expert agency in this new kind of marketing.

  6. In my opinion, the sales promotion techniques that would help That Touch Cosmetics are:

    – First of all, I would update its image. Every company and every product need a renovation from time to time. It would increase people attention.

    – Furthermore, I would use bundling technique since this kind of products (cosmetics) can be easily sold as one combined product.

    – BOGOF technique is another option. Buying one product and getting one free is a way of encouraging people to buy.

    – Finally, offering special deals to supermarkets and shops can help this company to grow.

  7. If i were the new managing director of “That Touch Cosmetics” i will try to do the following:

    1- I will change the image of our product for a new one that will be identified with fresh-new-fashionable woman, with advertissements both viral and TV (promotion).

    2- Will make joint-ventures will all the distribution chains of the country (best supermarkets, chain shops on petrol stations, etc) in this way they will put all their effort on my brand with final consumer (place).

    3- If necessary will use the BOGOF techniques while I´m implementing the new way of selling.

  8. To increase sales and introduce the product into new markets i would suggest:

    An aggressive advertising campaign through TV advertisements, radio spots, billboards and specialized beauty magazines

    Bundling technique would be use in Beauty Centers, Departments Store and shoping centers in order to publicize the new product

    Leave free samples at specialized centers in order to increase public awareness of the new product

    A mailing with free samples of the product would be another tecnique I would recommend

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