Posted by: marisadedios | 12 March, 2009

marketing vocabulary practice

Click on the image to do these interactive vocabulary exercises





  1. I think the first two exercices were easy. I am economist and I knew some of them, perhaps because of that I have known most of the answers!!!. But the last exercise has been a little bit complicated for me because I don’t understand why some words are synonim.

  2. Marisa I’ve finished the two exercices and I’ve found the first one more difficult than the second one. The second is too easy but the first one I’ve done it twice.

  3. I did it quite well. I studied most of the terms at university, so I didn’t have any problem. It was really useful to learn those words in English.

  4. The 1st one I believe was the most difficult one (I haven´t seen before some words as “precinct”), the other two were quite easy.

  5. In spite of the fact that there is some difficult vocabulary in exercises 1 and 2, I like this marketing vocabulary practice.

  6. I’ve tried a first round, and 1st and 3rd exercises were easy, the difficult one has been the 2nd quiz.
    After the first round I’ve tried a second one, and the result has been much better.
    Have you ever heard about the word oligopoly? It’s curious, isn’t it?

  7. Hi everybody!

    I think this post is interesting to make us more familiar with the marketing vocabulary, and as is an interactive one it is not tough or boring to make it. I think we should make more of this kind of exercises.


  8. Very interesting post which help us to learn vocabulary about marketing and economic terms

  9. Not really difficult, but good for learning some new words, as “precinct” or “market follower”.

  10. It wasn’t so difficult in general, but you need to know a lot of vocabulary to do it well!!

  11. the best exercise I have ever found in my life

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  13. Very interesting info mate.

  14. hi, thanks for this very informative post, im new on this field so i am gathering information… thanks a lot..

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