Posted by: ainhoafus | 26 March, 2009


Dear computer user,


Why does your WI-FI System crash while you are working?

EOI  Wireless Router assures you that you can create a network with the best coverage, the best speed and the best security set up.

Your company, your family and your guests will benefit from  all the advantages this WI-FI System has on offer for you. EOI WR is provided by Plug-and-Play CD, no hassle to install, an LCD screen with 6 different views (number of wireless devices, speed, time-date, …) and a sophisticated design. Ideal for transmitting videos, music, photos and games on line.

EOI WR was the top-selling WI-FI System in “The 2008 Net Meeting” set in Germamy.  Microsoft and Macintosh strongly recommend it.

Connect to our web page: and enjoy a free demonstration. You can see how it works, how easy it is to install and how good it looks.

Sincerely yours,

Ainhoa & Rebeca

PS –> Buy it now and get a wireless router NT USB adapter for free.


  1. Personally speaking, I think that this product is fantastic, concerning this case of network and so on. The title is appealling, the PS cheers you up (because it´s sure that this super WI-FI is very expensive, and a gift lightens the total outlay)…
    But I find that it doesn´t answer the question of “Why does your WI-FI System crash while you are working?”. You know that this happens always, and this Wi-FI creates the best coverage, but not the perfect one. You know that this will happen once…

  2. Good effort girls. I would certainly read your mailshot and not throw it to the spam bin.
    Now, tell me, where is the hook in this mailshot? I also think the “action” part could be improved by using more “attractive” language, for example, “you too can enjoy a …”
    You certainly learned the use of tripling in mailshots. Well done.

  3. Maybe the hook is not so atractive, but the rest of mailshot is perfect, specially the credentials!

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