Posted by: marisadedios | 30 March, 2009

Contest: Guess the word

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What is the idiom? Any idea?



  1. A fool and his money are soon parted ?????

    If not, I have no idea!

  2. arrgghhh! I have just arrived home, after my French lesson, trying to be the first to reply, but you are like a thunder!!! Next time Marisa post a riddle, I won´t have a coffee with you, I will go to the multimedia lab!! jajaja, I am just kidding Raquel…

  3. Ohh, I though it was Raquel, but I am never the first! Oh, I understand, Rebeca didn´t want to have a coffee with us this morning because she wanted to solve the riddle first… xD.

    Apart from this, I think that Rebeca is right, it is A fool and his money are soon(or easily) parted, and it means that people who aren’t careful with their money spend it quickly.

  4. That’s right. Rebeca us an ace!
    I hope you will each remember how many merit points you have. It is very easy to check, anyway, since it is all here, in our blog.
    Don’t worry, Cecilia, you’ll have the chance to guess another one pretty soon. OK?

  5. I can see a big rivalry on guessing the word first!!
    All of you are really good at this, I´ve no idea of the idioms Marisa writes here…

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