Posted by: marisadedios | 4 April, 2009

Contest: guess the word

Seeing that some of you are really competitive about this contest, I am going to give you more opportunities to get your merit points. This time is a phrasal verb:


contest11 Images: and



  1. I don’t know… Maybe bank on???

  2. Sorry, that’s not the answer!. Aren’t you quick to reply! They say the early bird catches the worm, but not this time Raquel. Try harder!

  3. Could it be: “The Government bails out our banks to help them with this difficult situation”?

    It means to give them money to help them because they haven´t.

  4. Well done Cecilia, it’s for you again! I think you’re in a draw with Raquel, aren’t you?

  5. In fact, Raquel, Rebeca and me are in a draw. I have looked through all our answers, and the score is:

    1.Beamer –> Raquel
    2.Dowel –> Raquel
    3.I finally got my foot in the door when the company accepted my application –> Raquel
    4.Seesaw (Almudena Tarín) and Teeter-totter (Cecilia)
    5.A stitch in time saves nine –> Cecilia
    6.Put money where mouth is –> Rebeca
    7.The buck stops here –> Raquel
    8.A fool and his money are soon parted –> Rebeca
    9.The Government bails out our banks –> Cecilia

    So, Raquel has got 4 merit points, I have 3, Rebeca 2 of them and finally Almudena has got 1.

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