Posted by: ceamcar | 25 April, 2009


Company’s profits trend.
The purpose of this report is to analyse the profits made by each of a company’s three factories along 2003 quarters. and to consider staffing situation. As requested, the report will be handed before April 27.
This report draws on 2003 real statistic figures of the company.
Of the three factories, London, Leeds and Bristol, Bristol has the highest profits in the four-month periods, followed by Leeds and London. It is directly proportional to their number of employees: 600, 350 and 150 respectively.
1. In the first period, Bristol reaches a profit of £12 million, whereas Leeds only obtains two thirds of this amount and London makes one third.
2. In the second period, Bristol reaches a profit of £11 million.while Leeds remains constant and Bristol has a profit of slightly more than £4 million.
3. In the third period, Leeds and Bristol have a proportional profit to the 1st period, but with a fall of £1 million. Nevertheless, London remains stable.
4. In the last period, Bristol results plunge to a little more than £ 8 million while Leeds continues in £ 8 million and London in slightly more than £3.
In conclusion, the situation is coherent, bearing in mind the proportion with the employees, except for Bristol.
It would be advisable to analyse the consistent decrease in Bristol’s profits, as it comprises a vast quantity of employees. This is a sign of problems, such as a poor employee or machinery output or bad management.



  1. Hello Cecilia!

    May be you don’t know, but I’m reading your reports as a tool for my learning for the BEC.

    This is a very good one. You’ll do a great exam!

  2. Indeed it is

  3. In fact, my report has been corrected by Marisa. The original one was not exactly the same, I wish I hadn´t so many little and stupid faults when writing. Apart from this Rebeca, I have picked two more BEC books from the B.Council. I will lend you on Thursday and if you don´t mind, give them back to me on Thursday at the latest, as I want to study hard during the long weekend. I have the BEC 2 and local examinations BEC. I wanted number 1 for you, but it wasn´t available. Don´t worry, the following week it will be yours,jejeje. Remember that, when eoi lessons finishes, we have to meet to prepare with mock examinations!!

  4. sorry, it was tuesday and give them back on thursday, don´t panic!

  5. Well, as the 21st is suitable for the vast majority, in principle, we´ll keep in mind this day. But Rebeca has told that she would prefer in June, because before she can´t. What about the 4th of June? If not, the 21st is ok.

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