Posted by: ceamcar | 25 April, 2009

Our last dinner together!!

Hello everybody. I have many things to tell you.

First of all, did you have a good rest and enjoy yourselves at Easter?

Next, I would like you to inform that there are 8 lessons left to finish our Business English course, that is, 4 weeks. That´s a pity, isn’t it?. We should  to organize a farewell party.  For this, we have to think about a suitable day (evening) for everybody.

If the lessons finish on the 12nd of May, we could organize a dinner the following Thursday, the 14th. Does this date suit you? If not, can you suggest other dates? .

This time, I can investigate places to go and I can deal with the dinner booking. I would suggest going around El Carmen/ Ruzafa / Valencia´s Centre. Or other areas if you want…

Now, you are assigned the job of making suggestions!

And to end up, have you watched, at the TV Show Britain´s Got Talent the amaizing voice of a woman called Susan Boyle?

and a 13 year-old girl called Faryl Smith?

and finally a 6 year-old little girl called Connie Talbot?

The former ones are from the 2009 edition, and the last one is from the 2007 one. They are adorable, above all the last one!!!

I urge you to watch them and see how well they sing.

The first woman has been a revelation, because she is a mature woman who has just been recognized as a great singer. It was amazing, when I saw the show, she gave me the creeps.



  1. Thank you Cecilia for this post. I’ll be delighted to have dinner with you all again. The date doesn’t really suit me, though. How about the following Thursday, 21st?


  3. Hi all!!

    I don´t have any problem with the day, as long as I don´t start in a job from now to this date. You´re right Cecilia, it´s a pity the course finishes, so we have to do this farewell party!!

    See you in class

  4. Hello!

    This time I promise to go. The 21st, at first glance, is a good day for me.

    Hoping that nothing will disturb my date…

    See tou tomorrow.

  5. Cecilia, don`t worry too much. I’ll try my best on going the 21st.

    As you’re used to saying: Don`t panic!


  6. Cecilia, the 21st is also ok for me. See you tomorrow.

  7. Hi to everybody, really is a bit sad to finish this course..but time runs quickly!
    I´d like to go with all of you to that “penúltima” dinner-party..(I don´t like to say the last one cause we always will be able to join us again..won´t you?
    by the way, the bank has just offered me a move to Madrid for working in the recovery department focused in non-resident costumers mainly british people which “forgot” to pay their mortgages… so that I´ll have to speak a lot of English…(our course finish but another one begins) I´m really happy for this new stage but at the same time a bit sad for leaving Valencia a “great city” and “great people”
    I´m trying to “haggle” with the HR department a longer time to organize the move and be able to say goodbye to everyone I met here… I´ll try to stay with you in that “penultima” party, of course…

    see you tomorrow

  8. Well Fernando, that´s a great new! At least, you will be with your girlfriend and that´s good. Don´t worry because our dinners (and parties in pub nº1, pub nº2, pub nº3 and more pubs for the brave ones) are crazy, and the last will be the craziest!!!!!!
    (Yes REbeca, ii´s a good sentence, don´t panic!!)

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