Posted by: migbelda | 25 April, 2009

Profits obtained by Roberts & Sons- Year 2003

This report aims at analysing the profits of each of the company´s three factories located in London, Leeds and Bristol in 2003.

Company’s data in form of  a bar chart with three different colours  for each factory has been used in order to show the profits.
Company’s pie chart on the number of employees in each factory has been analysed.

The bar chart reflects little variation  in the London factory, with £3 million profits during the whole year except for the second quarter, when it raises to  £4. This is similar to the situation in the Leeds factory, with £8 million profits except for the third quarter, when it drops to £1 million. In contrast, the Bristol factory profits plunge from £12 million to £8 million.

The London and Leeds’ factories obtained a stable level of profits in the whole year, whereas the Bristol factory needs an investigation to clarify the reasons for its proftis’ decline.

Some strong actions should be taken at the Bristol factory in order to focus the problems.



  1. Miguel, I think you have improved quite a lot during this course. Congratulations

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