Posted by: sandrapiqueras | 29 April, 2009



SPC Company’s turnover (2000-2002 period)


The purpose of this report is to compare the changes in turnover in the company’s three types of outlet: department stores, supermarkets and small shops, during a specific period: from 2000 to 2002.


Turnover’s data in millions of pounds are shown for each kind of retail outlet at the same time that different colours are used to reflect each year’s numbers.


1. The retail outlet which has achieved a highest turnover is the supermarkets, with £ 80 million in 2002. In the opposite side small shops had the lowest turnover with £ 20 million in 2001.

2. Department stores attained £ 50 million in 2000, but its turnover decreased to £ 35 million during 2001 and 2002.

3. Supermarkets had £ 65 million in 2000, and during the next two years its turnover was increasing until to attain £ 80 million.

4. Small shops turned over £ 30 million in 2000, but they had a strong fall in 2001 with only £ 20 million, and in 2002 their turnover increased in £ 25 million.


2001 wasn’t a good year except for supermarkets, which increased their turnover; small shops did it in 2002, but department stores decreased in 2001 and it maintained the same data in 2002.


New actions should be taken for department stores because it didn’t attain to increase turnover in the last two years.


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