Posted by: langres | 29 April, 2009



This report aims to assess the turnover of three types of retail outlet, all owned by the same company.


Department stores, Supermarkets and small shops turnover was analized for a three year period time.

Department stores that achieved a figure of 50 million pounds in 2000 declined to 35 million pounds in 2001 and remained stable in 2002.

On the other hand, small shops that achieve a figure of 30 million pounds in 2000 were going down to a figure of 20 million pounds in 2001 and raised sligtly in 2002 achieving a figure of 25 million pounds.

In contrast , supermarkets turnover  increased steadily since 2000 from a figure of 65 million pounds to a figure of 70 million pounds in 2001 , reaching a figure of 80 million pounds in 2002
In conclusion this report shows that supermarkets profits were growing during the years 2000 to 2003 The volume of supermarket sales  were gradually increased from 65 million pounds till 80 million pounds in 2003


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