Posted by: marisadedios | 1 May, 2009

Contest: guess the word

Click below to listen to this week’s word guess.


  1. In the nick of time?

  2. I don´t know what happens but it doesn´t buffer in my computer…

  3. Or maybe it’s better “under the wire”

  4. Cecilia, I don’t know why you cannot listen to the audio. Are you using firefox or explorer?
    Anyway, I use firefox and it works fine in both my computers.
    Try going to this link:

    If you still can’t listen to it, let me know. OK?

  5. Raquel, Well done, but not quite. In the nick of time and under the wire both mean that you do something at the very last minute.

    For example if you turn in your report just under the wire, or in the nick of time, you hand it in at the very last minute.

    But you’re almost there. Good luck.

  6. I have downloaded it because with explorer I couldn´t. The woman in the audio says that the idiom means to work until the last minute or to work until just before the deadline. Is it what you are lookin for Marisa? I think it is “to work down to the wire”.

  7. You’re a crack!

    It is to work down to the wire. Well done.

    BY the way. “the woman in the audio” is ME!!!!

    Do you like it?

  8. Oh! Were you the woman in the audio???? I didn´t regognize your voice at all!!! It sounds very different in life lessons! I think that it is because in the audio you speak very slowly and paused. And of course, there is huge competition!

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