Posted by: marisadedios | 13 October, 2009


Click on the image to review the collocations we have seen in class.



  1. According to Forbes magazine, the top European business schools are:

    5.London (LBS)
    7.SDA (Bocconi)
    9.Australiam GSOM
    10.Queens´s (Ontario)

    The requirements to apply to a MBA are: a bachelor degree, GMAT and English competency test. Also,in your application you should add: recommendation letters, a transcripts from your previous schools, essays, a CV and the application fee. They may also ask for a personal interview.
    Depending on the university the requirements to enroll in a MBA are different. For example, to get in the Cambridge master you should have 5 years of professional experience, 680 score at the GMAT, be on the top 20 of your class and be fluent in English. Cambridge University gets over 800 application letters every year.

  2. In agreement with what we are studying I have seen this offer which can be interesting for someone of you.

    I wish a lot of luck you.

    Marketing Assistant

    The Department of Economics and Business of the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera is looking for a part-time, English speaking marketing assistant.

    His/her main responsibilities will be:

    – Contacting overseas universities, foundations, and prospective students.
    – Assisting with the preparation of marketing material such as brochures, web-pages, advertisements.

    The job will be for 20 hours per week, between 9am and 6pm (schedule is flexible and negotiable).

    Please send your CV with cover letter to: (Marcos Caro. Human Resources Development)

  3. Magda I thank you. I will send my CV there and if I succeed I owe you an invitation to something!

  4. Dear Magda,
    I couldn’t find the website where this job offer (as a MK assistant) is published, only the mail adress where we can send our CV. Could you send me the link to my personal e-mail

    I’ll be very grateful, thanks a lot

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