Posted by: miquelboix | 15 October, 2009

Sitges, as a terrific weekend!

This weekend I traveled to the Fantastic Cinema Festival of Sitges. It was so wonderful! The best films were Moon, One of Those Days, The Road, DC Snow and Zombiland. More than 30 hours of cinema, and at most only one or two films in another language, it was a very intensive experience in English . I recommend you to go next year, probably you  will see me there!


  1. Very good experience! one thing, where is Sitges? Is it in Barcelona? maybe next year i will go, but if you know more activities of cinema comments me because i like cinema. Yesterday i saw “Agora” of Alejandro Almenavar, was a good film although a bit long maybe, if you like religious and culture films this film like you, see you on tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the tip Miquel. Are you going to watch any at the Valencian Mostra?

  3. Hello both, I have seen the festival films and i choosed 10 that I like to watch. I have never gone to this festival but this could be the first year because there are some interesting proposals. If finally I will go to someone I tell you the experience. See you

  4. So, you have chosen 10 films to watch in a few days? Lucky you! If you finally go to some of the films let us know.

  5. Sunday I have gone to IVAM with a friend to watch “The Unknow”, a great italian film about a girl with a very hard life. All the aspects were interesting, e.g, fotography, script and story were very acurated.

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