Posted by: ghania7 | 24 October, 2009

How to write basic résumé

Step 1
Choose one or two fonts at most, and avoid underlined, boldfaced and italic text. Many companies use automated recruiting systems that have difficulty with special formatting.
Step 2

Opt for the active voice rather than the passive voice (say ‘met the goal’ rather than ‘the goal was met’).

Step 3

Provide contact information such as your home address, phone number and e-mail address at the top of your résumé.

Step 4

Include an objectives statement, in which you use clear, simple language to indicate what kind of job you’re looking for. This should appear below your contact information.

Step 5

List your most recent and relevant experience first. Include time frames, company names and job titles, followed by major responsibilities.

Step 6

In a second section, outline your education, awards, accomplishments and anything else you wish prospective employers to know about you.

Step 7

Hire a proofreader or have someone you trust proofread your résumé. Mistakes in spelling, grammar or syntax can land it in the circular file.

Step 8

Limit your résumé to one page unless it is scientific or highly technical. Less is definitely more when it comes to résumés.

Step 9

Write a cover letter to submit with your résumé (see ‘How to Write an Effective Cover Letter’).



  1. Thank you Ghania. Your tips are very useful. I specially like the one about using active verbs, obviously they emphasize more our accomplishments. Well done.

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