Posted by: mrubiales0501 | 24 October, 2009


In context with what we are studying now in class, I have seen this offer which can be interesting for some of you.

I wish you a lot of luck.

Marketing Assistant

The Department of Economics and Business of the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera is looking for a part-time, English speaking marketing assistant.

His/her main duties will be:

– Contacting overseas universities, foundations, and prospective students.
– Assisting with the preparation of marketing material such as brochures, web-pages, advertisements.

The job will be for 20 hours per week, between 9am and 6pm (timetable is flexible and negotiable).

Please send your CV with cover letter to: (Marcos Caro. Human Resources Development)

here goes mine



  1. Thank you Magda. I am impressed at your CV. It is really exhaustive. Well done. We’ll correct some minor mistakes in class, OK?

  2. Here I leave you the link to mi CV in google docs:


    I hope it works!!!

  3. Yeah! I think I´ve get it!!!
    Now, Magda or Marisa or anybody else, please, how can I “hide division lines” in google docs? ……
    Thanks a million!!

  4. hi mai!how did you register in google docs?im dont know how to do it!could you explain me please?thank you very much!!

  5. Helena, to upload in google docs you have to have an gmail account.
    If it isn´t so, firstly, make an account on gmail and when you are in your gmail, on the upper left hand corner you have to click on “DOCS”.
    Then you ´ll be on google docs and again on the upper left hand corner, a bit lowest you´ll find “UPLOAD”.
    After uploading your cv, in “SHARE” you´ll find the option “get the link to share”, well, you copy & paste this url in your comment and…..done!! ;))
    ……I hope so!

  6. Here is my cv.

    see you in 50 minutes.


  7. Hi,
    First of all, thanks Marisa for your help ;).
    This is the link again with my CV.


  8. hi,
    i hope the help of Marisa works,
    here is my CV


  9. I hope it works.


  10. TONI’S CV

  11. This is my cover letter,i would like to go to UK with a scholarship.

  12. hi, thanks for mai, because i had problems with google docs and your explain is really good!!!

    i think that this is my Europass, but i am not sure if i have done well…

  13. this is my neeew cv!!

    because i´ve changed something, seew you!

  14. I’m not sure if I’ve already posted my CV, but I try again.
    Here’s mine
    By the way, there are some CV that google docs doesn’t allows me to open. Does it happens to more people?


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