Posted by: Isabel | 22 November, 2009

Business dinner

Hello to everybody again.


I was talking with Espe after class, and we were thinking we could have a dinner before Christmas and celebrate our particular Business dinner, like many companies do.

We can leave messages to choose the bar, pub, restaurant or whatever…

We consider it’s a good idea to know each other more and to have some laughs… and drinks (of course)

What do you think?



  1. What an excellent idea girls! I understand your proposal is for us to really get into a business world atmosphere, so as a teacher I will go with you and recommend everyone else to join in the event!


  2. Espe & Isabel 4 presidents!!

  3. I’ll be there for you!, as in the song. Back Street Boys? It doesn’t matter! I’ll be there!

  4. I’ll go too, any idea where?

  5. I’m going, at first, depending on the date that it is, the day 12 i will not be able to go, and the site will depend on how many we are, right?.

    I think that it is more difficult to specify a day that a site, because in these dates many people have a lot of dinners and if don’t reserve one site soon we won’t have site.

    I suggest the 11 (Friday) or 19 (Saturday), but with the bridge through there aren’t many more dates.

  6. Come on guys!!! It would be great to be all together!!!

  7. Hi guys, I´m agree with Jorge, that the most important is the day and later we will choose the place. For choose the day I have an idea!!!, the other day i discovered I think that it is a very useful tool to arrange any appointment. On it I´ve written some days to do the dinner, and the objective is that each one of us click on the day which he or she cans to come to the dinner (not the prefer) and we will choose the day that more people can to come ok??? the link is next one
    (I put thursdays and fridays, if you want more days to do the dinner, say me and i will put it ok?)

    see you,

  8. Yeah! Alonso I love this aplication!!!

    I have chosen my days…..and I suggest to include saturdays, don´t you?
    Ok, after chosing THE DATE…….next step is THE PLACE……I will think about it this weekend!!!

    Have fun!!

  9. I’ve been looking the proposed days… and it’s ok, but the 18th of December we have Business class… And for me would be better if it is before Christmas holidays… although I’ve already voted for the other days too.

  10. How interesting this doodle! It¡s good for organizing events, isn’t it? Thanks Alonso

  11. Monica, Juan and myself propose to organize the dinner on 11th. Let’s do it!

  12. Maitane votes also for 11th, 😛

  13. me too, 11th

  14. Sara votes for 11th.
    see you!

  15. Hello you all!!!
    We have our reservation for tomorrow night, but unfortunately it couldn’t be in La Creperie…
    So I decided to ask in Al Pomodoro and there’s a good offer!
    Christmas Menu, which includes several antipasti, assorted pizzas, spanish wine and/or lambrusco (also water and soft drinks), dessert, christmas sweets and cava….23,50€ per person…but we get one menu free!
    I think it’s a good option, they told me it will be faster if we take that Menu than if we order separately…
    So I booked for tomorrow night at 23:00 (second shift) and I left waiting to confirm if we choose the Christmas option or not.

    Please, URGENT, tell me if you DO AGREE or NOT because I’ll phone them tonight to do this confirmation. If you don’t know the restaurant, it’s in

    Calle del Mar 22
    46003 Valencia
    96 391 48 00

    See you all tomorrow night!!

    PS.- I booked for twelve people, will you all come, won’t you?


  16. For me the x-mas menu it’s perfect!
    See u tomorrow at 23.00!! 😉

  17. Thank you monica for the reservation and the menu!!!!
    I´ve been missing for a while….but now I´m back!!

    Count on me for tonight!!!

    See you later!!

  18. For me is good the Xmas menu, but I think left the most people to answer! 😛

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