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Welcome to the class! It has been a bit hectic today, managing to get to school  SO early and getting started, hasn’t it? Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed it and you have now a better idea of what to expect. Here is the activity we have seen.

Do you know what speed dating is? Want to find out more about it? Click on the image to watch the video and answer the questions below.

speed dating

What questions do you think could be appropriate to ask and wise not to? HERE and HERE go a few ideas.

What about these?

What do you think? Is it a good way of meeting new people? why? what other ways of setting up new relationships do you know? Do you think speedating will become popular in Spain?

What do’s and don’ts would you recommend? Can you think of weird situatins that might happen?

Here is an example:



  1. Dear new students,

    I am a student from the last year and I encourage you to participate in the blog. It is very funny if you are active. In fact, I miss the course and the blog a lot…
    Have a good time in your business english class as we had last year.

  2. Dear Cecilia

    How great to hear from you! Thanks for encouraging new students to participate in the blog. I am sure they will follow your piece of advice. By the way, you know you are more than welcome to continue being an active member. We will love to read your posts and comments.
    I know you are extremely busy this year, but do visit us whenever you can.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi to everydody,

    I’m really lost “in translation” here… Actually I don’t know If I’m in the right place, I hope so…
    Computers & me used to get on well, but now It’s a turbulent relation. I expect it will be better in the future, meanwhile I will continue visiting the blog and looking for the right place.

    See you soon and.. early


  4. Hello Cecilia,
    I am a new student of the course of business and really it is the first time that I see what is a speed dating. Personally, I like to know people calmer since this method seems to me to be a bit sressful, though Marisa has informed us that it is popular out of our borders.
    The video shows us that in business relations it works successfully.
    Its´s only a personal opinion.

    We are in contact. Regards.


  5. Hello everybody,

    I have wachted the videos about speedating, and now in Spain, it is possible to find places where you can have speedating, but I think that you do not have to pay money, just have a drink in the pub while you meet people.

    See you next wednesday!

  6. Ok Carlos, but I think our idea was better, wasn’t it? We should talk business 🙂 🙂

  7. Hello everybody!!
    I have also seen the videos of speedating, they are very funny!
    In my opinion, the first two or three people you talk with, people tend to be more “cold” by talking about simple topics such as what do they work at, how many pets do they have,…
    But, once you’ve said the same things twice, you start to trust in the partner, although it has changed! so, at the end, it’s probably that you have a better relationship with the last person you talked to!
    On the other hand, I think 20 Pounds… it’s very expensive! isn’t it?! maybe there would appear competition in other pubs near… should we reward loyalty instead in order to avoid this? or cut prices?

  8. Hello,
    Seems to be funny. Another way to meet people and to know about them. But I don´t think it is the best chance to find your mate. Isn´t it.
    At less is not too much natural and I would prefer to enjoy my spare time with friends having a drink, dancing or something else.

    Til wednesday..

  9. Hello partners,

    Personally, i don´t like speed dating as a way of meeting people; i prefer things happen by chance¡¡ Do you believe in fate?This could be a new discussion¡¡
    See you tomorrow

  10. Hi,

    personally I think that speed dating has two main uses: one is to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend and the other one is to make business.

    For the second use may be it’s an interesting tool because the target of the meeting is something unpersonal, so one part can explain his advantages and the other part can make the appropiate questions in order to get the information needed.

    But when we are talking about feelings and only 3 minutes to “wake up” them I think that the key things are what you see, what you smell, what you heard (the sound of the voice not what the voice says…) We go on being animals and in three minutes are more important senses than understanding.

    In fact I’m almost sure that in every exercise of this kind in groups of similar ages there is a sure match: the prettiest girl with the prettiest boy

  11. Hi guys!

    Personally, speed dating it is a good way of helping people to introduce themselves in a new place. They can go alone without feeling out of place and in a short time they could contact with a large number of people.

    However, I do not think that in three minutes you can fall in love with someone, but it might be the beginning of something new.

    P.D. If I have the chance to go to one of these meetings, I hope to be luckier than the boy of the third video. I’m not sure about who was the craziest of the three!

  12. Speedating is a very original way of meeting people. It lets you get in touch with a lot of people in a few minutes.
    I think there are more interesting ways of beginning relationships like going to do sports or different hobbies.
    I would recommend speedating to new people in a new town or if you are feeling alone.
    In my opinion possibly become popular in Spain, but only in a big town it can be a success. In small towns we know all about “the others” and it would be very uncomfortable to see to the husband of your best friend meeting people on a speedating.

  13. Hello,

    The videos are quite interesting! The last one has been easier for me to understand than the others. I think that weird situations might happen on speed dating, but like everywhere else! That’s not on the way of dating, but on the people who you know.

  14. Hi schoolmates!

    I´ve seen the videos of speed dating too, and i´ve read some of your comments.

    The videos were fun, but i´m agree with Jacinto, i don´t like speed dating. It could be practical in some cases; practise foreing languages, bussines…However, as far as i´m concerned speed dating is stressful…

    On the other hand, the speed dating of the first class was a good dynamic for speak with the partners and know about them, congratulations for the idea!

    See you tomorrow!

  15. Hi!
    I already had listened about Speed dating but I didn’t know it was a popular situation in UK.
    I think british people are “colder” than in Spain, so, they need to force these dates to try to know another people. It’s a good idea!!
    On the contrary, I think this kind of dates cannot become in Spain as popular as in UK because of our character, most of people have no problem in taking coversation with other people.

  16. Hello!

    This is my first time in our blog. I´ve seen the videos of speed dating after our class. I think speed dating is a diferrent and interesting way to know people, but I´m agree with Alpa72 because I think a lot of people use speed dating to make business.
    I think in Spain speed dating isn´t a comun way to Know people.

    Have a good weekend,

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