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Here is the mindmap we have done in class today. You all have the articles, so I would like you to give us your opinion on any of them. For those of you who didn’t attend our lesson, you have the articles in the document “strike” in the box.

We have read three articles:
– The government has prompted the strike, we had no other option.
– How good intentions turned into a tool for exploitation.
– I can’t get by without my parents’ help.



  1. Hi,
    regarding the articles we have seen in class I would like to give my opinion about the first one “generation in crisis”.
    I mostly agree with all the exposed points. Employment policies taken since 1990s together with differents labour market reforms has become in a day after day rising unemployment and enormously unstable job market.
    Coul it be a structural problem, the better education the less unemployment. Shoul it be more accordance between what is studied and the market requirements.
    In addition to all this, the current crisis caused by the actions of several financial agents with a great lack of surveillance from the goverments remarks the weakness of our labour market.

  2. Thank you Antolín for giving us your opinion.
    I agree with you that the different market reforms have increased unemployment in our country. What do you mean by adapting what is studied to market demand?

  3. Hi mates!!
    Today’s topic class have been very interesting! There are many things to say.
    I’m completely agree with “antolin”. An easy comment, isn’t it? 🙂
    When I finished my selectivity everybody wanted to go to University, it was the best thing you could do to achieve an promising future! But I think we were wrong. It’s the time that we live. We only can to assume it and try to go out of this situation as soon as possible.

  4. Hi Marisa,
    I just want to point the fact that nearly 3 out every 10 graduates feel over qualified for the their jobs and the suposed salary advantages of having a career are lower than OECD average.

  5. You’re quite right Antolín. As you can read in the article, young people who decide to emigrate to Europe work under better conditions than here. It’s a shame, but it is the way things are.
    FFlacer, I’m glad you enjoyed the class topic. So you agree with Antolín and also feel deceived because you thought that taking a degree after your sixth form exam would give you better opportunities, well just imagine what it will be like for the future generations.

  6. Hi mates!

    I want to give my opinion about third article.

    First at all I’m totally agree with the article, mainly when explains how sad it’s to parents to realise that their efforts for educating their sons have such a results. My parents have been making a lot of efforts to educate a doctor, an engineer and an architect and now, instead of enyoing their results, they just are afraid about our future. (Fortunatly nowadays all of us have goog jobs….by now)

    But the article only mention young people overqualified; what´s about the other young people without any qualifications? There is a mention to vocational education in the sense that not everybody must study in university but I miss in the article an analysis of the situation of young people without any quaification and how incorporate this pepople to labour market.

  7. HI:

    I want to share my opinion about the article: “How good intentions…”
    In the first place I would like to say that economic professional and not so far economics teachers explained to us how the economy worked. There are economic cycles; phases of recession and growth phases.
    In that moment we lived in a growth time, but everything would change. That was true!
    So it was a fact, the policies taken and the exploitation model have only made the situation worse.

    I believe that in Spain there are young with high education, currently they are looking for opportunities in other countries, they feel over qualified at work or they continue to acquire knowledge.
    Nowadays Spain is not ready for them, it should make the investments here to become Spain in a competitive country.

  8. Hi,

    I really enjoyed the class of last wednesday because we had the opportunity to discuss a topical issue that most of us are suffering.

    Many of us have been studying for years to be well qualified in the future, but currently, despite having a good degree, it is still very difficult to obtain employment with appropriate conditions.

    A common requirement in vacancies use to be to have work experience of more than a year. However, if nobody give us the chance to start, how can this be achieved?

    In addition, low wages or unemployment, in contrast to the high housing prices, leads to an unsustainable situation.

    Migration can be an alternative, but for me is not the solution, because the problem remains in our country.

  9. Hello everybody,

    last wednesday while i was reading the article “i can not get by without my parents help” i was thinking in me, because i am like those guys, i am 28 years old, i have a university degree, a masters, and several other qualifications.

    I have been working for a multinational company since 2006, and last sumer i lost my job and i became an unemployed. It is dificult to live this situation because now the economy is in recession and i do not know if the future will be good enough, so for this reason i am improving my knowledge in managment and in english, hoping to find a good job in the future.

  10. Hello everybody,
    Every week, I receive “Newsweek” and this weekend I has read the article ” The real jobs machine” by Robert J. Samuelson. In my opinion it is interesting but the most engaging are the comments that I has found on the web-site.
    The link is this:

  11. Hi Amparo, I think the link to the article you suggest is this one.
    By the way, you are right, the comments are most instructive

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