Posted by: cdelval | 6 October, 2010

Keep your goals to yourself

This is what Derek Sivers talks about in a video in the TED talks.

I will start talking about Derek Sivers who was a musician and a showman who was looking for the way to sell his first CD and finished creating the company CD Baby, an online shop of independent music. This shop became the greatest online music seller, with more than a $100M  sales. After selling CD Baby in 2008, Derek concentrated on his new projects,  focused in helping other musicians, including his new company MuckWork, an efficient net of assistants who help other musicians in the junk and no creative work which are usually things that independent musicians have to do too. His current projects and ideas are collected in

TED talks are conferences which take place all over the world with the aim to spread the ideas of the more interesting people in the world, about Technology, entertainment, design… The first conference took place in 1984 and was directed by Richard Saul Wurman, who in 2001  passed the control over to Chris Anderson, whose foundation will manage the event. If you want to know more about it, I leave here a link to the web page.

After this presentation, come on with Derek’s words, ‘keep your goals to yourself’ why did he tell us this? Because someone did a research about how a person decides to set a goal and looses motivation after telling someone about his goal. The explanation to this is that people get a sense of satisfaction  by telling others what their goals are, as they are usually congratulated. This makes us relax our mind and lose a part of the motivation needed to achieve our goals.

A really funny thing, how many times have you heard somone say ‘I am going to loose weight, or I am going to study a language?… and in the end those people give up. For this reason Derek proposed…

Better see it for yourselves

Watch the video and you will understand :



  1. Thank you Carlos for kicking us off this year in such a good way. Your post is very interesting. I hadn’t heard of this talk, but I am happy I have discovered it.

    However, I am not sure I agree with Derek. I thought if you told someone your goals then you would feel a kind of pressure that you have to do it because someone is already expecting you to. For example, don’t they recommend smokers to tell others when exactly they plan to give up?

    By the way, you said you had a blog, will you tell us the url?


  2. hahaha, really interesting video, Carlos!!
    I agree with Ted, because I have been thinking the whole day of going for a run when I’d finished my lessons. I told it to one classmate and, afterwards… I didn’t do it!
    But it’s true that if you say something serious to somebody, you’d probably do it (to satisfy their expectings)!
    I think it depends of your personality!

  3. Hi,

    I hadn´t heard neither about him.
    It´s a very interesting point of view, but like Marisa says I am not totally agree with Derek. In fact I think that telling others about your goals you are putting pressure on yourself more than relaxing.
    Anyway, it will depend on the people´s nature.


  4. Hi Everybody!!!
    Very curious the video about “keep your goals to yourself “ Carlos!
    Maybe I try with some personal goal and to expect to do reality!
    I can think to myself: It’s a secret I must keep.
    On the other hand, I agree with Teresa and Antolin that, it depends of your personality, because if you are interested in something but you don’t trust to yourself, I think is important than you comment with others to have confidence to yourself and it comes true. For example, Marisa tell us about “to give up of smoking” and in this way I think is very important to comment your intention about it, because this pressure you, and if you finally don’t do as you’re tell, you will feel worse.
    So, my question is,
    Why do we comment our purposes with friends, mates, family ..? Because we want to feel better to ourselves and because we are friendly, or because we want to have confidence about whatever we want.
    Interesting discussion.
    See you

  5. Hi,

    it’s a very interesting speech, specially because of the Ted’s performance but I’m not fully agree with the message.

    I think it depends on the person you are talking to that you receive a positive or negative feedback.

    For instance, I have just given up smoking three weeks ago. I can tell it to my wife every day because she wants me to give up smoking but it’s better if I don’t remember it to my smokers friends because they allways offer to me a cigarette when I remember them how many days I keep without smoking

  6. Hi,

    This is a curious and funny point of view about getting our goals.
    I ´m agree that it depends of the person that wants to get the objective. For example if the person has little willpower maybe is useful a person to support. So I think that the point is in the person that you tell about.
    The kind of objective is the key too; there are goals that you want to keep on secret but once you get them you need compensation, often this is that friends, family and college who appreciate you effort and results.

  7. Well done Alberto, keep it up and don’t smoke!

  8. Hi mates.
    How is going the long weekend?
    I have been surprised when i have seen this video, it’s an interesting point of view!
    On the other hand, I’m not fully agree with Derek’s opinion. How other mates have said, it depends, as almost everything in the life, of person’s personality.
    I thing I’m an outgoing person who speaks a lot of many themes, including personal themes, maybe sometimes I exceed many comments that wouldn’t had to have said but that’s my personality, and i have to communicate possitive and negative aspects of my life to be happy.
    So, I think I will forget fastly Derek’s opinion.

  9. Well, I think that whether people tell their goals or not, sometimes may be because they have in mind that porpuses or things pending on to do in a short-medium or large term. They might just tell others (more or less confident people) to share opinions, impresions or tips, or just to talk and interact their lives with others as far as possible. Maybe next time they see each other, they can ask, or share how was the goal development and once more time, socialize, have a break time to share your live with others.

  10. sorry, I saw the mistake…. I wanted to say in my previous comment: “one more time”, and not “once more time”….

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