Posted by: alpa72 | 9 October, 2010

Why am I not able to speak English if I haven’t drooled since 1973?

Hello mates!

Since I have small children there is a question that I cannot take away from my head …. why have they advanced from drooling to speaking Spanish perfectly in only twenty months?

I have been studying English for twenty six years of my life and I am still almost unable to ask for a taxi!!

I thought that it was something genetic but after seeing their  face and looking at mine in a mirror, I don’t have any other option than rejecting  genetical causes: all of us are identical. In addition, I also managed to learn Spanish in less than twenty  months, and strictly between ourselves, I think that Cervantes’s labour is more difficult than Shakespeare’s one.

Genetic questions rejected, I thought that it was due to my shame of speaking publicly, but neither do  I  speak English in the intimacy, as Aznar did with Catalan. Besides, with the years shame goes away and but  English goes on without coming…

So there had to be something more; I began to search for scientific articles and I found some reasons that you can see in the articles and videos below.

Good news: the brain of people who speak more than one language has more gray matter.

Bad news: the younger you acquire the second language, the greater your gray matter is, specially when you are less than ten years old. And I do not see anybody in class that is being brought by their parents….

But I do not desist, I will end up speaking English … or something slightly similar to it.


Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning


  1. Congratulations Alberto, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and also the articles you suggest, especially the one about the brain research. I like the comparison it makes with computers and also the implications they suggest for teaching a foreign language.

    By the way, your English is much better than you say in your article. I hope, however, that you find this course useful and you learn a lot this year.

  2. I have liked your post, at the end we will get to improve our English.

  3. Hi mates.
    It’s been an interesting information! Thanks!
    I’m agree with the topic. We can apply it to Valencian situation with both official languages that we have.
    I live in a town near to Valencia where everybody speak valencian and, therefore we love that language. I have always studied in valencian, but that don’t mean I don’t know to speak spanish! I live in spanish when i work, when i watch TV…
    So, I think we must be proud of our language diversity, I’m sure, agreeing with the topic, that we benefit our language knowledge to learn english and other languages.

  4. It is really really good Alberto. But I hope… that one day… we will improve our english and be able to speak english like in other countries!!!

  5. Quite often I´ve had the same feelings you´re sharing with us. And finally in a very easy attitude I´ve told to myself that it could be something genetic like you pointed. “We´re spanish and our roots are latin”.
    Nevertheless, here I am, like you, keep on learning english. But let me tell you that I´ve got a good feeling about the course we´re taking.

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