Posted by: mdcmonserrat | 13 October, 2010

Homeopathy. Alternative or complementary therapy?

Apart from traditional medicine, there are other alternative ways of treatment such as Homeopathy.

It was developed at the beginning of 19th century by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann, although its origins dates from Hipocrates, some centuries B.C.

The homeopathic medicine can be defined as a substance that, provided in a very highly diluted quantity to a healthy person, can provoke an illness similar by which it can cure an ill one.

Homeopathic substances are obtained from the three Nature’s kingdoms. Extracts are highly diluted until infinitesimal solutions and, afterward, little balls of sugar are impregnated with the suitable dilution. Those little pills are the homeopathic medicine.

When Homeopathy appeared, around 1810, the traditional medicine was mainly based in the use of strong laxatives and blood letting. Therefore the new therapy was a revolution in medicine since it represented a soft and safe new way of healing.

Homeopathy is set to act as a placebo and to lack of real effect but it has shown its effectivity in children, even babies, and in animals. Its farmacological activity has clearly been proved on clinical assays.

The therapy is artiticularly useful  in illnesses of psychosomotic origin. It is financed by the National Health Service in several countries such as France or Germany and of many others aroud the  world.

Bearing in mind the background, homeopathy should be considered a complementary therapy more than an alternative one.



  1. Thanks Consuelo, very instructive

  2. I really believe in Homeopathy since some members of my family were treated taking it.
    In my opinion, it’s been traditionally known as Placebo because it’s very expensive and it isn’t covered by social insurance, as in the case of physioterapy.
    Apparently, there’s no business with it, opposite as it happens in medicines.
    Every day, I know more people being healed with natural therapies.
    It is said that normal medicines have certain substances which make ill people more ill by needing them forever. They become physiologicaly hooked (for example in some depression cases).

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