Posted by: yacamru | 16 October, 2010


I would like to recommend to you a charming place where I spent last weekend.
I went to Morella, the capital of  Els Ports district, located in the northwest of the province of Castellón (175 km from Valencia).

Although Google maps shows it takes two hours and forty minutes to get there, we arrived in less than two hours drive (at a prudent speed).

Morella is a hilltop town, fortified by two kilometers of walls. This gothic city, strategically situated, holds an extraordinary wealth of monuments, inherited from a great historical past.

The ruined castle, which overlooks the town, stands at a height of 1,072 meters above sea level. Below it, there is a labyrinth of concentric and radial streets full of museums, gothic buildings, arcades, porches and gorgeous shops with local products. Here is a map of Morella:

Besides visiting the architectural treasures of Morella, we made our way to Xiva de Morella (eight kilometers away), a typical mountain town located in a tiny valley. This trekking activity enabled us to enjoy the fabulous landscape of  this area.

I can’t finish my post about Morella without making a special mention to the delicious Morellan Cuisine. It takes its inspiration from local products, lamb, pork, ham and truffles. The collà (curd) is the queen of Morellan desserts.

Here is a list of restaurants where you can enjoy these delicious dishes.

For further information about Morella, visit



  1. Thanks for the post. I love Morella too. it’s a few years now since I was last there but reading your post has made me consider it as a possibility for a one-day trip.

  2. It is fantastic! I wanted information about this village and now I have all what I need in this post. I will use it in my next trip to Morella.

    Thank you very much!

  3. I celebrated my wedding aniversary in Morella this year.
    I slept in Xiva de Morella, a relaxing place!!!
    And as you say, it’s a fantastic place to learn something of our history and overall, get into the fantastic morella gastronomy. These people know cook very well!!
    I also think it’s a place to visit worth

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