Posted by: estmana | 16 October, 2010

Summary of the book Adrian Mole and the weapons of Mass Destruction

This is the book I am reading now, I encourage you to read it if you like comedy novels. The author is Sue Townsend and she has also written other diaries about the same character, Adrian Mole.This is a short summary.

It is the year 2002 and this is the diary of Adrian Mole at that time.He is a journalist, aged 34, divorced and nowadays working in Mr Cartlon Hayes library in Leicester. He has recently moved into a loft apartment at the outskirts of the city and does not manage very well with his finances nor with his fiancé.

Adrian is worried about the fact that Sadam Husseim attacks Cyprus as he has booked a holiday there.For this reason he writes Mr Blair in order to find out if war is going to happen.

He has a particular family.His parents were young in the sixties and he also appreciates some reminiscences of that years in them.Their parents love tv and tv programms that he considers unworthy.On the other hand, he has joined  a Creative Writing Group.

He also has two sons.One of them, Glenn has joined the Army and has been sent to Iraq.

Since he was a teenager he has been  in love with Pandora, but it  is obviously a platonic love.Now she is a very well-known politician in the U.K , who works together with Tony Blair.

In the library where he works , he has met the Flowers familys.They are also quite particular and old-fashioned.Their surname describes them quite well as their behaviour is  influenced by the Hippie Movement.The family is composed by Mr Flowers, Mrs Flowers and their daughters.Marigold is one of them, she still lives with her parents, she is a vegetarian,a pacifist and a hypocondriac.When Adrian and Marigold meet they  feel an initial attraction.This feeling  is just initial for Adrian, it fades quickly ,but it is not for Marigold, who falls in love with him in a obssesive way.

Daisy is other Flowers sister.She is the opposite of Marigold,self confident and attractive.



  1. I read the first book, Adrian Mole years ago and I found it hilarious.

  2. Yes I also read it, and I liked very much!!

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