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the secret of longevity

The Business Professional Women (BPW Valencia) promotes the second edition of the congress “Women in the World Leading Millennium”. It will be hold 25th, 26th of October, at the Convention Hall in Valencia.

One of the great speakers will be Rita-Levi Montalcini. This astonishing woman (at present 101 years old !!!!!), who studied medicine, completed a degree for specialization in neurology and psychiatry, won the Nobel Prize in 1986 for discovering mechanisms that regulate the growth of cells and organs.

Not even her strict father, fascism, prejudice, prevented her from becoming a scientist, a global expert on the brain.
Moreover, she is a passionate advocate of the rights of women, supporting campaigns in Africa.
Despite her age, Levi-Montalcini still works. She goes every morning to European Brain Research Institute (EBRI), which she founded, on the outskirts of Rome. .

Here there are some of her statements in an interview:

“If you want to live to a 100, you might consider following Rita Levi-Montalcini’s routine: get up at five in the morning, eat just once a day, at lunchtime, keep your brain active, and go to bed at 11pm.”
“I have never been ill, and I don’t see the impairment of my hearing and sight as a handicap,” she says. She wears a hearing aid, and peers at you closely when you talk to her, but tells you – convincingly – “my brain functions better today than it did when I was 20”.
“The secret of life is to keep thinking. And to stop thinking about ourselves. That’s the only message I have.”

Remember, keep your brain active
Here there are some useful tips to keep healthy our brain; pay attention to the number 16, all of us are working on it.





  1. Thanks a lot, I wish I was as wise as her or could follow her advice. I don’t think I could easily manage with just a meal a day. I am amazed to discover that she doesn’t sleep much, though. I thought we were supposed to sleep at least 8 hours a day to guarantee a healthy life.

  2. I find Rita a very hard working person. She wakes up at 5 a.m. and stays awake working even with her age. Furthermore, she doesn’t sleep much. If I follow this routine, I would have to go to bed at 8 p.m., not 11 p.m. I’m weak…already with 26 years old 😦

  3. This is really interesting!
    About Rita’s tips, I cut two years ago an article from a Sunday magazine. Its tittle is: the secret of living more than one hundred years.
    Its perspective wasn’t as positive as Rita’s.
    The reason is that, the place where the interviews were taken was called Okinawa. It’s the place of the oldest population (over 100 years) in the world.
    It starts saying that some of the logevity secrets are:
    – going everywhere by bicicle or walking.
    – physical activities: traditional dances, gardening, fishing, martial arts, and meditation.
    – having healthy food, like fruits, fish, vegetables, tea, seaweeds.
    – Avoiding meat, milk, and sugar.
    – Eating slowly so that the brain receives the eating and food simulous.
    The whole article is based on interviewing old people and explaining how healthy they are (they only visit the doctors once a year to control their osteoporosis).
    And the end, one of the main characters explains “the oldest members are living more years, and the youngests members are dying sooner”. This is caused by alcohol, drugs and tabaquism. They are in really advanced depression states. Some of them have committed suicide.

  4. What lucky person is Rita!
    I wish I could arrive 80 years old, it would be amazing for me!
    I think that Rita and people who live for more than average are people who have born with special genetical that help them to not develop many diseases and, especially, serious diseases which make die many people every day in the world.
    So, I think they’ve won a special lottery in their lifes!

  5. for further information, this is an interesting video, but in spanish, i haven´t found it in english

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