Posted by: anabel2010 | 18 October, 2010

Animals in zoos……is it a good or a bad idea?

I love animals, and I have been working three summers in “Oceanographic” in Valencia. This is the reason of my post. I would like to know what you think about keeping animals in zoos,  is it a good or a bad idea?

In have different reasons to talk about animals but mainly the society is now really concerned with the environment and animals. I have to say the situation in zoos has changed a lot in the last 20 years and I’m really interested to know what people think about this. For this reason I’m going to tell you some ideas about the present situation in Spanish zoos, the main changes and the advantages and disadvantages of these areas.

The National Association to defend Animals confirms “Spanish’s zoos situation are really far from important European Countries but we are improving a lot. There are still some cities with a horrible habitat for the animals . They are small and dirty, and don’t have education department.”

In the not so far past, people thought in a zoo as a big farm to earn money. Their aim was to have as  many visitors as possible , people, especially owners didn’t think in the animals and their life conditions. Now the situation has changed, because with the new law if you want to have a zoo you need to have a research and education department. Your purpose isn’t to earn money, is mainly to protect and to preserve the animals and research about animals habitat and conditions. This situation has helped to change circumstances in zoos.

Now I’m going to give you what I think of mainly advantages of this king of Parks:

  1. Biologists saved animals from extinction, they are well cared for, and their genetic line can be protected and may increase the number of some species.
  2. Save the animals from dangers of wildlife and protect the animals are being affected from the growing population.
  3. Keep society in touch with the first habitants of Planet Earth. Moreover it is possible for people, especially students to learn and know about animals around the world without travel. New zoos try to make you able to see animals conditions as close as possible of their natural habitat.

Concluding with advantages it’s interesting to think in biologists, they can easily study animal conditions, take care of them and help them before reintroducing them back in their natural habitat.

In my opinion the main disadvantages are:

  1. The animals are kept in captivity.
  2. Their habitat is often different from their native environment and some times it is really difficult to adjust.
  3. They can’t do whatever they choose or want.

From my point of view zoos are very interesting because society can learn and have profits, moreover they can know animals that perhaps we couldn’t see, but only zoos are interesting if we keep animals always healthy and make their life easier, of course adapting in the best way their habitats in the zoos.

What do you think about my post? I hope you’ll like it!!!



  1. I´ve found your post very interesting and I mostly agree with almost all the arguments exposed.

    But to be honest, everytime I go to one ZOO it really upsets me and I can’t avoid looking at the animals with sadness.

    Despite new zoos are much better than olders, wildlife can’t be compare with them. I think that not only goverments but also society have to make an effort on preserving natural areas were animals could live their own life.

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