Posted by: jacinto08 | 18 October, 2010

I am Spanish…What do you want me to beat you?

With 15,585 facebook members, this group evidences that Spanish sportsmen are in right now.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the last Worldcup, celebrated in SouthAfrica, where the Spanish team got to be the best team in the world. Nevertheless the primacy of Spanish sportsmen occurs not only in football but also in basket, tennis…Which are the key aspects that explain this phenomenon?

In my opinion, the clue is the hard work made in lower categories; all the juniors perceive the sport as a way of dedication and sacrifice. They know that they will receive the regards of their efforts.

Government aid is really important too: thanks to ADO PLAN, greatest sportsmen perceive an economic donation; but the most important think is the feeling that their country believe in them.

What´s more, sport in Spain has offered a certain feeling of union in contrast with the separatist wishes of some parts of the country.

The coincidence of talented sportsmen deserves a separate mention: Pau Gasol was born in 1980; Fernando Alonso was born in 1981, and the next year, the fantastic Alberto Contador. Finally, in 1986, Rafael Nadal reached the world. They represent the Spanish sports glory. I hope this saga will continue for a long time.

To conclude, just let me invite you to see Iniesta´s Goal again:



  1. We can’t forget Javier Gomez Noya, who has been recently proclamed world triathlon champion. It is the second time this happens.

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