Posted by: marisadedios | 20 October, 2010


As we were saying the other day in class, prospective employers are looking to see what you do.  Here’s how to clean up your facebook before you put in an application for that dream job. Interestingly, Half of employers ‘reject potential worker after look at Facebook page’ One in 10 were knocked back for boasting about drinking and drugs online, 13 per cent were vetoed for making racist comments and nine per cent were overlooked for placing racy photos on their Facebook page.

Examples of online posts that have caught employers’ eyes include:

* Employee X “wishes his desk was near the television to watch the cricket at work ”
* “It’s one para weekend for me”.
* “Tramp related hangover”

Don’t let your facebook spoil your job chances. Here’s how to clean it



  1. It’s a very interest document with good exemples but sometimes you are not able of ereasing all your pass in social networks and it’s easier to change your name in Facebook as we can read in this article:

  2. Thank you Alberto, the CNN report is certainly worth reading.

  3. There’s a thing that I don’t understand: If your Facebook profile can only be seen by the persons that you have added as friends, how can employers see your photos and comments?

  4. Unfortunately I think it is dead easy.

  5. I´m agree because nowadays everybody can see ours facebook. For thes reason mainly people who want to find a new job, for example me , have to be carefull with profile and photos, because we can be seen by our “future boss”

  6. Thanks for your help. You`ll become in our wetwork´s guru. Sometimes we don´t realize how powerfull are these social-networks taking not enough care using them. It´s really a fact that prospective employers think of them when recruiting people. So we´ll better kep it clean.

  7. I’m a facebook user since 2 years ago and, nowadays I can say I am a facebook fan!
    Moreover I have always been careful with foto tags and comments. In addition, I have another username different from my real name but, I think that unfournately, Facebook is as a “big brother” in the network.
    Thinking it slow, I don’t believe i have many things to hide, so, if a employer is researching my facebook profile, Welcome to my world!!

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