Posted by: anabel2010 | 25 October, 2010


Hello Mates,

The last two weeks we have been speaking  about interviews and CV in class. For this reason I would like to comment you a new expwrience for me.  Last Wednesday I received a call from a company. I was really surprised because they said to me “we want  an interview with you through Skype tomorrow”. I made the interview but for me it was really strange!! What do you think about this kind of interviews? Can it  the same as a normal Interview?Have you ever had an experience like this? I would like to Know your opinions, and if somebody has ever had  an interview like this, please give me some advice. I was really nervous.



  1. Hi Anabel,

    nowadays companies are cutting their expenses as much as it’s possilbe, so it’s not strange trying to save a travel using multimedia applications. Sincerely, I think it’s a good option not only for money savings but also for time and pollution savings.

    A friend of mine had an interview in Jazztel with a similar tool of videoconference. The result of the interview wasn’t bad at all… Actually he is sales representative for Jazztel

    Good luck

  2. Hi Anabel,
    Maybe they did it because they wanted to cut time in receiving every applicant (avoid saying hello, inviting you for something to drink,..).
    By this way, they went directly to you!
    On the other hand, I think they were testing your knowdledge in new technologies, and trying to make you feel comfortable in the interview, by being in your own house! this way, wou’d be yourself!
    Although I think I’d prefer to go there directly, and breathe the company environment before getting into the interviewer’s office!
    Anyway, tell us how did this end!!
    Good luck!!!

  3. I think it is a good way to starta a recruitment process. but I think after doing this kind of interviews the company would like ti see you face to face.

    Good luck!

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