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Hello Mates,

Today we have been speking in class about Thecnology. For this reason I send you this post, because I´m working in K-TUIN, it is a shop that only sells Apple Products, and I´m really surprised about children ,but specially about parents.I can´t understand how a parent can allow their child to have an IPhone , for example. I´m young , I am only 23 years old, but for me it isn´t a good thing that an eight year old child has an iphone or Ipod Touch t .It´s unbelievable!!! What do you think?



  1. Everybody knows the Apple fever we are living in Spain or, better, in all the world, at the moment.
    Apple is a premium brand talking about new technologies therefore, most of people would like to have many Apple products without consider the use of the products that customers need. The important thing is to have Apple gadgets to increase our “status level”, no mind the age, the price or the use we’ll make. But this is no for everybody because Apple products have applications that conventional products are not.
    “Apple’s fever” will increase year after year as is happening in in UK or USA. They manufacture excellent products and, in addition, develop an amazing marketing to capture new customers and mantain the current.
    I have to say that I have no “Apple” gadgets, but I would like…

  2. I think, the speed of the technological revolution is amazing, but on the other hand, the adaptation of the school and society is tortoise-like. Therefore, now more never it’s totally necessary one parent’s school and a new political to teach everybody to be a responsible consumer.

  3. I agree with both of you. In my opinion, I have to say that this new outcomes are the result of what giants as Apple have created as “necessities” for human belonging to upper and media classes, those who can afford its products.
    This can be considered as one more exemple of Blue Ocean’s Strategy, whose aim is to generate high growth and profits for an organization, by creating new demand in an uncontested market space, or a “Blue Ocean”

    In the case of children as users of new technologies, is the same strategy. How many times have we seen adverts about “education and interactive toys? I remember every 6th January, watching the news after Christmas presents. Statistics shown that nowadays more technological toys, computer based are sold than puppets, Micrommachines or Scalextric, among others.

  4. Times are changing like Bob dylan said. Regarding IT’s and New Technologies they do it even faster. We can hardly realize the enormous technological revolution we are living or sometimes facing.

    Apple leads a market sector that combines, in my opinion, fashion and technology and develop products that no other can offer nowadays. Besides, their marketing campaignes are a whole lot more attractive for the potencial consumers.

    But, going back to Anabel’s question, ¿do the children need one of these devices?. I don’t think so. Maybe are their parents who really need them to have it.

    And once we get to this point, it is very important what Paqui says. Society, with the big-brands behind are continuously designing, outlining, creating new “necessities” with no other aim than make bigger profits.
    And teenagers are a very special market even tough they are not economical independents. The younger they are, the more emotional, vehement and impulsive they can be.

  5. I think that parents are the unique guilty in this case.

    For most of them, this kind of gadgets are the way of showing to the others the amount of money they afford to expense in nonsenses, although really they have high loans and eat mortadella every night.

    If we speak ot the product itself, I think that are products pretty nice, specially they have a smart aspect but are very unflexible and you always ends buying in apple store. I think is a product simple of using because it’s designed for simple people (sorry for the mate that works in apple store)

    I think that there are another products in market with a much better value/cost ratio, specially last ones based on Android OS, and if you really need this kind of product usually there are better options, for instance HTC podcuts…although I have never known anybody that really needs this kind of gadgets.

  6. Hi!
    I agree with you when you point out the need of being a responsible consumer and also responsible parents.It is not easy because of the technological revolution that we live.Anyway all of us must make an effort to think critically and behave consequently. Our actions are the best way of teaching children,teenagers and everybody.
    On the other hand,I recently read an article about apple products, it said that in the Japanese market different mobiles with tactil screen can be found and these are no new items, as apple try to make us see or as we many of us think.The article also points out that the information system of apple devices is not so good.

  7. Yes, thats the way, children an adults have the need of being responsible consumers. I think that children of 8 years old, don’t have the responsability sense, thus the parents must explain to them that they don’t need an iphone or an i-touch; I know that times are changing but a child of 8 years old doesn’t need a 400 € phone, just with a basic mobile phone would be enough!

    When I was young we only have a phone for all the family, why do they need now a mobile phone for themself? why do they need to be in contact always?

  8. Forever young, i want to be forever young
    Do you really want to live forever, forever forever

    So that says an Alphaville song.

    Just want to say we should better not compare past times with current times because they are changing day by day. What used to be normal some time ago, it is not now.
    On the other hand, things that nowadays everybody accept with apparent normality, society would refuse them short time before.
    The iPhone ‘s use, “el botellon”, trousers under the hips and so on…..

  9. Hello Mates,

    First of all, thank you about all your comments!!I´m really happy of my “post success”.

    After read all the posts, I´m agree with all the opinions.The times have changed and nowadays society are dominated by marketing and advertising.
    In my opinion the most important is to be a responsible consumer, specially parents must be reponsible and try to know the needs of their children.

  10. I feel too old after reading Antolin’s response…. I knew the name of the group just reading the first words of “for ever young, I want to be….” and nowadays we have to specify the name of the group for giving sense to the message… What a pity!

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