Posted by: fllacer | 14 November, 2010

What’s happening here??

This is the last example of corruption, but, sadly, we see this kind of news almost daily. There is no difference between “blue ones” and “red ones”… Well, I have to say that “blue ones” in Valencia are winning a lot of prizes if we speak about corruption.
What I mean is that I’m very disappointed with political leaders, from the ones who govern my little town to those who run the nation.  I’m continuosly listening about this kind of things and, I’m feeling really tired of this.
In my opinion, there is no chance for that kind of people. They have commited with society and, if they corrupt, they have to go to jail fastly, there is no fine to pay, they have to spend years of their life jailed in the prison thinking about the mistake they have make.
I could be speaking a lot of time about this post but the more I speak about this, the more nervous I become.
What do you think ? are  there good and bad political leaders?  is  there a difference between “blue” and “red”?



  1. Well, I’ve realized that link resource doesn’t speak about corruption. I think that’s because RSS news.
    In any case, the most important think is the text.

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