Posted by: teresavalve | 2 December, 2010

Google’s management team

Hi classmates,

some time ago, I read an article about google. It surprised me how creative and innovative they were, and how “not old”, were the company founders.

I cannot show you the article, because it’s in spanish. But, instead, I give you the link to the corporate info (in English).

You can also see where offices are (maybe we can apply for them). There are some tips for google applicants as well.

You cannot close the window without taking a look at the “design principles”.

I think we can find, on this site, lots of tips for every point on our jobs.

I hope you enjoy it.

Have a nice day,




  1. Thank you Teresa, very interesting website. Does anybody know how many women work for the killer place to work in USA? I don’t see many in management.

    I recommend this video:

  2. It’s a curious thing that the best searcher in internet doesn’t give any results for searches about “woman, female staff google” May be they are trying to hide this information intentionally.

    Anyway, I think tha,t after developing spanish costumes in enterprises for 15 years, I wouldn’t be happy in Google because I couldn’t criticize my own company, so instead practicing this hobby in the coffee , I would have to go to the gym, or even worse: I would have to work!

  3. Last years I have listened about the environment in google’s offices. All the employees seem very happy working at this company.
    Maybe it’s a different way of building a positive image of the company.
    I’m sure in any companies, including Google, everybody works under pressure of the boss and, therefore, employees will have problems. Maybe in Google, problems are treated of another way, it should be interesting to know the way of working of this company from a internal position.

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